By now you probably know that the thing that will help you create a long-lasting career in the music industry is communicating with your fan base regularly and consistently. This means sending a monthly newsletter.

But, sadly you are still not sending regular newsletters, right?

There are many reasons why you are not – probably because you don’t have a system for organizing your newsletters, or you think that you are “annoying” your fans when you send newsletters because you don’t like it when other bands spam you.  Or perhaps you don’t have a schedule and a system mapped out for sending your newsletters.

I’m here with a post packed with monthly newsletter management solutions!

Ready to take your newsletter more seriously? Click below to get your newsletter and social media organizer.

One tab will help you to organize your monthly content and another tab will help you actually add names and email addresses, so your list will grow! 

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If you are struggling with exactly what to write, read this article to structure your newsletter using my 3G’system

If you already know what yo write but need to organize your newsletter topics, here is a spreadsheet that you can download right now which will help you to organize 2 vital parts of your newsletter system.

One tab will help you to organize your monthly content and another Tab will help you actually add names and email addresses, so your list will grow! 

And there’s a whole bunch of other tabs to help you kick-butt on your social media management as well.

5 Critical Things to Keep in Mind While Crafting Your Newsletter:

1. Keep Your Subject Line to 55 Characters

Most e-mail programs cut off the subject line after 55 – 60 characters and nowadays many people are opening emails from their tiny phones, so keep your subject line short and sweet; five to six words max.

2. Get Personal

Saying something personal brings you closer to your fan base.  So share a photo of something you love (your pet, your kids, your friends), or something fun and non-music related you did recently like a vacation.

Click here to download a helpful action sheet: Newsletter Brainstorming – Creating a Rapport With Your Email List

3. You Don’t Have To Have A Show To Send A Newsletter

How about just inviting everyone on your newsletter out for drinks evening, or to join you for a show, or share something fun that you’ve done recently; again, or maybe you just purchased a new album and you love it, and you want to talk about it. 

4. Mailing Address & Unsubscribe Link

Know that by law you need to put your mailing address and an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each of your newsletters.  If you are uncomfortable adding your home address, then open up a P.O. Box and use that.

Click here to download another helpful action sheet: 11 Things to Consider When Sending Your Newsletter

5. Personalization Gets Attention

Use the first name of each person you send your newsletter to in the subject line or the greeting. 

It’s catchy, and it gets people’s attention immediately to the subject of your e-mail. 

You are probably aware that newsletters are just a part of your strategy when it comes to email. If you’re looking for help putting together a total marketing plan for your next release, including newsletters, check out our Total Tuneup Marketing Plans.

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