Among the many services offered here at Cyber PR, the one we are most proud of is our Total Tuneup (TTU). These are custom artist development plans that come from our 25+ years of working with musicians to create sustainable careers. This post may help to answer if a Total Tuneup may be right for you.

Is Total Tuneup Right For You?

There are a few things you want to consider before deciding. A number of challenges may be a sign that you need a long-term plan. If you have trouble identifying your ideal fan, your brand pillars or your niche we will identify these for you and help you articulate them.

Also if you feel like….

  • Your latest release (s) received little or no publicity fanfare
  • Your audience is not growing or engaging on socials
  • The latest music release did not receive as much traction as you would have liked
  • A publicist you hired did not get the results you wanted
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the endless tasks you have to keep up with

What Do You Get With Total Tuneup?

Each TTU is unique and built around your goals. Every artist is starting at a different place with varied strengths. And, of course everyone has different goals they want to achieve. Our job is to meet artists and teams where they today are and build a plan that they can implement starting tomorrow.

Total Tuneup testimonial

“I have to say the TTU has been game-changing for me. It’s been fantastic to find a company that is willing and able to go through everything you have as an artist and come out the other side with a customized map of what you specifically need to do to move your career forward. It’s laid out in a myriad of ways: by subject, by social media platform, by month… all in digestible bites. Ariel and her team are there for you every step of the way to answer questions and to assist with the execution of the TTU. There’s nothing else like it anywhere.”ANASIA AKA Leanna Primiani

What You Get In A Total Tuneup

Although this service is unique and customized for each individual artist they all include the following:

  • Goals, Foundations, and Plan Structure
  • Online Assessment
  • Branding, Style, and Social Media Content Guide
  • Distribution and Streaming Platform Assessment
  • Music Release Plan
  • 12 Month Plan

Goals, Foundations, and Plan Structure

This is the stepping stone of the TTU. We take your goals and pair them with your story (foundations) in order to paint a clear picture of your brand. We collaborate with you and share plans in order to finalize plans on how we will help develop you as an artist.

Online Assessment

This next pillar tackles your online presence. Where are you active? How big is your email list and how effective is your newsletter? Is your website truly the best it can be? Is your brand able to stand out? We take our findings into account when generating a plan for you.

Branding, Style, and Social Media Content Guide

Now this is where we get into the nitty gritty. We talk font, font size, color palette, personas, and style board. We draft a list of artists in your lane and niches that fit your style in order to get a general idea of who we’re trying to appeal to.

Distribution and Streaming Platform Assessment

For this section, we mainly just want to make sure you have a digital service provider (DSP) and your music is able to release on-time and on the right platforms. This is also where we discuss pre-save campaigns. 

Music Release Plan

If you already have music in the making, this part of the service will come a bit easier for you. We discuss when the right time is for you to drop your album or EP and help you select which singles are best to release in anticipation.

Total Tuneups May Also Include The Following

(If you don’t need them we don’t include them) 

  • Social Media Calendaring
  • Branding
  • Fan Market Strategies
  • Website Optimization & SEO
  • Marketing Platform Selection and Best Practices
  • Getting Followers, Fans, and Organic Plays on Spotify
  • Spotify Playlisting Strategies
  • Custom Spotify Pre-save Campaign 
  • SoundCloud Growth and Playlists
  • Email List Management & Growth
  • Licensing Music for Film and TV
  • Raising Money 
  • How to choose the Perfect Merchandise for Your Fans
  • Performing Rights Organizations (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC)
  • Livestream Performance Strategies and Resources
  • Stay at Home Strategies to Attract Fans 
  • Patreon Planning and Growth
  • Identifying Which Music Conferences Are Right For You to Attend to Grow and Expand your Industry Reach and Network
  • Personal introductions to Vetted Traditional Publicists,Spotify Playlisting Companies, Merch -Manufacturers & Booking Consultants

Choose A Total Tuneup

We have observed that artists who have capable strategists around them who understand all of the new music business components and how they fit together, experience more success and have longer careers. They don’t get overwhelmed, they don’t make rash decisions, and they get the support they need.

Choose a Total Tuneup today and start planning your music career effectively and efficiently with us as your thinking partners.

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