Earlier this week, social audio app Clubhouse released an important new update for artists and musicians. Clubhouse is adding Music Mode to their sound quality options. This allows musicians who use Clubhouse for live virtual performances to give their fans the highest and best quality. Today we are going to break down these great benefits of the new sound quality.

What Is Clubhouse?

For those of you who don’t know, Clubhouse is an audio enhancing social app. It allows you to talk, sing, joke, or tell stories through the platform. The company is a small business that dedicates its time to improve the audio for all musicians on the app. With Clubhouse, people are at the center of every movement.

Clubhouse Music Mode

In the announcement posted earlier this week, Clubhouse discusses the perks of this new high quality audio setting. Music Mode is here to promise high quality stereo sound to all musicians and listeners. Users will now also have the option to connect professional audio equipment to the stream. This includes pro-level mixing boards and USB mics. Clubhouse is used by many music professionals, including us, so adding this higher quality feature will keep them satisfied with the quality of their work.

Clubhouse Clips

In addition to Music Mode for hosts, there is also a new audio quality rolling out on their Clips feature. Any snippet you share from performers with Music Mode will sound great in Clips as well. Clips also allows you to share up to a 30-second snippet on social media platforms.

How To Use Music Mode

One of the great things about this new audio setting is its ability to work through any system. Whether you’re listening on your headphones, through speakers, or just through your phone, you will hear that drastic difference that comes with high quality sound. If you’re the speaker or performer, be sure to enable Music Mode before you begin to speak.

To enable Music Mode, tap the three dot menu in the upper right-hand corner and select Audio Quality > Music.

This new audio quality is scheduled to roll out on IOS first with Android soon after.

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