Angela loves working with musicians, helping them book more performances and build the lives they desire—from launching new ensembles, to upgrading promotional materials, and landing college teaching jobs. She’s fascinated with problem-solving: with helping individuals—as well as ensembles and institutions—find new ways to overcome obstacles. Together she helps clarify goals and develops action plans that put the desired future within reach and gives great advice on shutting up your inner critic.

“Research in the US, Canada, Israel, and Europe converges in showing that self-criticism, as measured by very simple self-report questionnaires, contributes to depressionanxietyeating disorders, substance use disorders, juvenile delinquency, physical health conditions, and even suicidality.” – Psychology Today

Her book Beyond Talent (now in its 3rd edition) provides user-friendly real-life advice, examples, and perspectives on how to further a career in music. Understanding the unique talents and training of musicians, veteran music career counselor Angela presents a wealth of creative solutions for career advancement in the highly competitive music industry. Step-by-step instructions detail how to design promotional materials, book performances, network, and access resources and assistance, jump start a stalled career and expand your employment opportunities while remaining true to your music. We will discuss how to shut up that inner critic (Ariel calls hers little nasty).


To begin, the two discuss the different ways musicians are coping with quarantine and the covid-19 pandemic and how the changes it has brought on have impacted many of their careers and attitudes towards creating music.

You Are The Main Character

Although we all have an inner critic, that voice within you can be especially ruthless during times of uncertainty, such as now. Whether that voice is telling you to work on your music nonstop or making you not want to work at all, it can definitely take a toll on your self-confidence. To help combat that inner critic, Angela speaks of the hero’s journey, and how everyone is the main character who controls their own story.

Working Through Obstacles

Ariel says that everything starts with an inner game, whether it be marketing or PR. This also extends to raising money for an album release or tour. Any of these ventures come with their share of challenges. Angela describes the importance of working through these obstacles and learning from them with each project you take on, and how this newfound knowledge can help you grow as a person and artist.

Bio vs. Story

A very important thing to note as a musician is the difference between a story and a bio. A story should not be a list of professional accolades. It should be a way to connect with people over what you’re passionate about. Say why you care about music and the projects you’re working on. Angela advises that it may take a few rewrites to write the perfect story, and that it doesn’t come easy. However, it is how you’re going to connect to your audiences by showing them the real you.

You Are The Hero

Many times, your inner critic tends to come out when you’re putting yourself out there to people. This happens especially now, in a time of need. What can start out as a sliver of self-doubt can turn into much more. Remember that you are the hero of your own journey. Not anyone else in the industry, even if they may seem to be in control. Angela and Ariel send the message to musicians that you are the one who creates your music. You have the power to get through your challenges.

In this video Ariel and Angela discuss:

  • How Angela helps transform musicians’ careers

  • The importance of creating authentic fan connections especially during quarantine

  • The Hero’s Journey and how it relates to your career

  • What your musician’s bio should actually say

  • How to overcome your inner critic

  • Real exercises you can do today to break down your hurdles and gain momentum as an artist

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