So far Our Cyber PR Instagram Live weekly series has attracted hundreds of artists and music industry friends. We have sparked some great conversations during these Q&As. Come and join us!

Here is the Instagram Live schedule:

Ariel is on Instagram Live Tuesdays at 2 PM EST. She’s the Founder of Cyber PR.
Kayla is on Instagram Live Wednesdays at 5:30 PM EST. She’s Cyber PR’s Director of Social Media & Design.
Matt is on Instagram Live Thursdays at 3 PM EST. He’s new to the Cyber PR Team as a Social Media Manager & Ad Strategist.


munk duane

Thursday, Dec. 3 – 4 PM – Composing for Film & TV and Licensing Your Original Music w/ Matt & Munk Duane

Boston based Recording Artist, Producer and Film Composer Munk Duane has a style deeply rooted in late 60s and early 70s Soul and Pop, with unapologetic nods to legends such as Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Prince and Stevie Wonder, crafting a sonic atmosphere that is traditional in inception and modern in execution. Channeling spirits of the past and filtering them through a 21st century aesthetic, Munk manifests an evolution by daring to experiment in hybrids.

Matt and Munk will discuss some tips and tricks for licensing your own music as well as how to compose music specifically for Film & TV placements.

Past Instagram Live Q&A Sessions Are Available To Watch Now!

Alexia Erlichman

How to Succeed at Film & TV Placements w/ Ariel & Alexia Erlichman, Owner, Music Gorilla

MusicGorilla is a leading commercial marketplace for independent musicians. They combine a passion for music, and deep roots in the entertainment industry to help hundreds of artists get their songs heard and licensed by labels, music publishers, and players in the television, film, advertising, and Web/gaming industries. Unlike other licensing marketplace sites, MusicGorilla guarantees that your music will be heard by industry reps using the site to find material. They never charge song submission fees or take a percentage of licensing deals, instead, MusicGorilla is an affordable subscription-based service. As co-founder, Alexia has built one of the leading commercial marketplaces for independent musicians and their work. With MusicGorilla, Alexia’s passion for music, commitment to the independent movement, and a decade of career success in the entertainment industry have merged to create the platform. WATCH NOW.

cyber pr instagram liveFacebook Best Practices For Effective Advertising w/ Kayla Coughlan & Matt Pelosi

Matt is Cyber PR’s newest team member. Matt handles social media ad strategy, community management, and growth and video editing. Matt first came to Cyber PR as a client and he loved the process and team so much he asked to join us. He has a skill set that makes him perfect for the position – musician, producer, and expert digital strategist combined. He studied music production at The Musicians Institute in Hollywood and worked at Warner Music Group as a studio assistant. Most recently was a senior account manager at a digital marketing agency where he gained vast experience running Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google advertising and boost campaigns.

He also continues to produce and make music. Matt has a deep passion for supporting and growing creatives and artists with an organic approach. In this Q&A Matt and Kayla break down a few tricks that Facebook won’t tell you about when you are setting up an ad target and he will answer any questions you have about pixels, boosting and making the most of a $5 ad spend. WATCH NOW.

ANGELA BEECHING AND ARIEL HYATT cyber pr instagram liveShutting Up Your Inner Critic w/ Ariel & Angela Beeching, Author of Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music

Angela loves working with musicians, helping them book more performances and build the lives they desire—from launching new ensembles, to upgrading promotional materials, and landing college teaching jobs. She’s fascinated with problem-solving: with helping individuals—as well as ensembles and institutions—find new ways to overcome obstacles. Together she helps clarify goals and develops action plans that put the desired future within reach.

Her book Beyond Talent (now in its 3rd edition) provides user-friendly real-life advice, examples, and perspectives on how to further a career in music. Understanding the unique talents and training of musicians, veteran music career counselor Angela presents a wealth of creative solutions for career advancement in the highly competitive music industry. Step-by-step instructions detail how to design promotional materials, book performances, network, and access resources and assistance, jump start a stalled career and expand your employment opportunities while remaining true to your music. We will discuss how to shut up that inner critic (Ariel calls hers little nasty). WATCH NOW. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE.


leveraging your life for twitter cyber pr instagram liveTwitter Best Practices w/ Kayla & Ellie Hart, Founder, L.E.A.D. DIY

Ellie Hart is the founder of L.E.A.D. DIY – a light-sensitivity and epilepsy awareness movement that has taken the DIY music scene by storm. Along with running L.E.A.D. out of her bedroom, she operates MELTT Magazine and writes for The Alternative. Before doing all that stuff, Ellie worked with Atlantic Records, This Fiction Management, Live Nation, and Billboard. She attended Belmont University in Nashville and received a B.S. in Journalism. Ellie has used the wonderful power of Twitter to not only grow her following for her own personal brand, but also to grow L.E.A.D. DIY’s Twitter and launch her own music festival – Strobeless. Pre-COVID Ellie worked as a Tour Manager for various different bands on the East Coast DIY music scene. Now she is planning several virtual concerts and festivals, leveraging social media to get the word out. This Q&A is about Twitter best practices, as well as how you can leverage your daily life and personality to grow your Twitter following. WATCH NOW.


Eli Lev and Ariel HyattMaking a Money From Home During COVID-19 w/ Ariel & Eli Lev, Singer-Songwriter

Rising singer-songwriter and friend of Cyber PR, Eli Lev is making the world a smaller place, one song at a time. Eli pens melodies for everyday enlightenment—songs that resonate because they’re heartfelt and offer the wisdom he’s gained through lifelong travel and self-discovery. The Silver-Spring, Maryland-based artist just released Deep South, the third album in a four-part series that was inspired by indigenous traditions he learned while teaching on the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona. Just as each cardinal direction holds unique characteristics in the Navajo tradition, so do each of the albums in Eli’s ‘Four Directions Project.’ Together, the series imaginatively and intrepidly connects spheres and generations within a body of work that is irresistibly uplifting, emotionally resonant, and down-to-earth authentic. Like many full-time artists Eli has had to pivot from touring to live streaming and Patreon. WATCH NOW.

luke james shafferStanding Out on YouTube w/ Kayla & Luke James Shaffer

Luke’s congenial easy-spirited musicality traverses alternative Americana, folk-pop, soul, and the intimate singer-songwriter genre. In July 2018 Luke released his first EP, “Volume One” in a partnership with DC’s House Studios. It reached number 7 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts. He has amassed an amazing 12.1k subscribers on YouTube – using a mix of covers, looping, and original music.

This Q&A addresses the best practices musicians can use on YouTube to start standing out. WATCH NOW.


Robert Smith Cyber PR Q&A Defy Recordings

Producing Quality Music From Home w/ Matt &Grammy Award-Winning Producer Robert L. Smith of Defy Recordings

Robert LSmith is an Oscar and Grammy-winning, Emmy nominated producer, engineer, and mixer. Recent clients of note include Paul McCartney, U2, The Ting Tings, Chaka Khan, Ingrid Michaelson, Cristina Aguilera, Alice Cooper, and Duran Duran. Robert‘s discography of 30+ years numbers over 500 albums, singles, and films. As an alumnus of The Hit Factory and Power Station, his current private studio and production company, Defy Recordings, continues his residency on Manhattan’s West side.In this Q&A he and Matt cover how much money you should budget for a great recording, the reason you need to hire a sound engineer and how to make your music stand out sonically. WATCH NOW.

Perfecting Your 15 Second Pitch w/ Ariel Hyatt & Laura Allen, aka The Pitch Girl

Laura Allen is known as The Pitch Girl and she prominently featured in my first book Music Success in 9 Weeks (in fact, shes the entire chapter of Week 2) because she is a genius at helping hone pitches.  I have seen her do this with entrepreneurs and artists from all possible walks of life and she nails it every time. Worked for a small ad agency that strongly resembled the TV show MadMen in terms of culture and debauchery. Learned how to pitch against the big boys to win stellar projects.

Laura was the hire for email marketing leader CheetahMail where she took the company from 3 people in a room the size of a broom closet, to a multi-million-dollar business that was acquired by Experian. She closed a 5.5 million dollar deal from a cold call. And for a very short time, Laura worked at a huge music PR firm in NYC in the early 90s.  It turns out that it was the SAME PR Ariel had worked at a few months earlier. They both agree it was one of the worst work experiences of their lives. In this Instagram Live Laura will help you hone your pitch with real-time feedback. WATCH NOW.

Graphic Design Tips for Musicians w/ Kayla and Special Guest Allie Oliver-Burns (aka Posemanikin)

PoseManikin is a Creative Force from Corning, New York. She is best known for band cover art, photography and Jackson Pollock-inspired abstract paintings. Heavily influenced by abstract expressionism, music, fashion and the environment, Allie translates her unique array of visual design energy into a bold use of color, space and movement. Kayla is our Director of Social Media & Design here at Cyber PR. She graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey with a degree in Visual Communication Arts. She has created stunning websites and beautiful cover art for our artists. This Instagram live will surround the best practices of the Graphic Design world for musicians. WATCH NOW.


How to Promote Effectively On Spotify & Other Streaming Sites w/ Ariel & Mike Warner, Author Work Hard Playlist Hard

California-based Mike Warner is rapidly emerging as the new face – and voice – of the streaming music world. Mike’s multifaceted role as a freelance Streaming A&R has allowed him to develop and execute strategic streaming campaigns for a wide variety of artists and labels. Between advising clients on analytics and insights as part of the Chartmetric team, to spear-heading third party playlisting strategies for artists, Mike’s mission is simple: to help the music industry find it’s feet on this new terrain.

As an independent artist himself, Mike understands the obstacles and challenges facing artists today better than anyone. Insightful, approachable and always available, it’s no surprise that the phrase ‘Ask Mike’ has rapidly worked itself into the music industry’s vernacular. “I’m just here to help all artists,” Mike says, with a sly grin “on and off the charts”.  Mike is also featured on The Cyber PR Music Podcast Spotify or Die. In this Q&A Mike talked about recent developments with Spotify and answer all your burning playlisting Qs. WATCH NOW.

Leveraging Spotify & Facebook Ads w/ Matt & Andrew Southworth

Electronic music producer and vocalist Andrew Southworth has created a community around helping other artists make music and get heard. He’s been able to generate over 500,000 streams on Spotify alone for his music in the past year, and on his YouTube channel he documents the process so other music creators can replicate his success. Andrew is also the owner of a company called Genera Studios which develops sample packs, Kontakt libraries and courses while also providing mixing, mastering, and marketing services. WATCH NOW.



Women & The Music Biz w/ Ariel & Ashley K. Sotyanov, Founder Women Crush Music

Ashley K. Stoyanov is a twenty-something NY-native singer/songwriter turned music industry crasher, communications maven, and community-builder. Primarily known for founding the arts organization #WomenCrush Music, she now consults other brands & startups on how to build their own communities online & offline and helps creative entrepreneurs launch their projects.

#WomenCrush Music is a 100% volunteer-run, fiscally sponsored project of Independent Arts & Media, a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization, who is dedicated to creating opportunities through community for inspiring rising women-identifying singer-songwriters. WATCH NOW.


Bio Writing Tips for Musicians w/ Kayla  & Lorne Behrman

Lorne Behrman is a freelance publicity, advertising, and branding copywriter.

As a publicity copywriter, he offers press releases, professional bios, and full website content. He’s written copy for SRO PR, Shore Fire, Cyber PR, The Press House, EKC PR, and Public Display PR, among other firms. In the advertising realm, Lorne has written for renowned agencies Green Team Global and Ariadna Communications Group.

If you have purchased an Artist Bio from us, Lorne was the one to write it! We have worked together for years. He is an expert at getting your nugget and writing a bio that will draw readers in. WATCH NOW.


DIY PR for Unsigned Artists w/ Kayla Coughlan & MCGtherapper

American, New Jersey based rapper and song writer MCGtherapper started making music when he was 16 years old. He started small on youtube just rapping over popular instrumentals for fun. During high school he handed out CDs to his friends and anyone who would listen to his music. He continued to grow and improve his rapping skills while in college releasing multiple mixtapes.

Hip hop has always been a part of MCGtherapper. He draws from his life experiences and creates music about life, love and anything that comes to his mind. He does everything he can to connect with his fans and try to inspire. He’s greatly inspired by artists like Tyler the Creator Childish Gambino, XV, Isaiah Rashad and Saba.

His EP therapy is the result of a decade of writing and recording music. He’s truly evolved into an incredible rapper with much more potential to grow. He and Kayla will talk all things DIY PR. WATCH NOW.

Making Money w/ Your Musician’s Website w/ Ariel & Ross Barber-Smith Founder Electric Kiwi

Electric Kiwi founder Ross Barber-Smith has dedicated his life to helping musicians, bands, and other artists pursue dreams of turning their passion for music into a viable career opportunity. His decision to launch Electric Kiwi in 2011 came after Ross earned a 2:1 BA (Hons) degree in Popular Music Performance from the UHI Millennium Institute in Perth, Scotland. From designing websites to creating artwork for album covers, Ross has worked with independent artists from all over the world and his marketing strategies have been featured on all the top music top websites. WATCH NOW.

Pitching Strategies for Musicians w/ Kayla & Jenn O’Hagan

From event coordination and marketing, to community management and performing, Jenn has glanced behind-the-curtain in many areas of this industry. Well-versed in all things Cyber PR, Jenn works with artists to identify if they’re a perfect fit for our company and if so, which services will be the best match. She will help them understand what their experience with us at Cyber PR will look like from day one, and her tell-it-like-it-is personality gives artists the first look of our company’s transparent nature. Detail oriented (okay, more like detail-obsessed) and an avid networker she has a hand in writing our custom Total Tuneups and she works on our PR campaigns. Outside of the office you’ll find her at live music performances, drinking a glass of wine while daydreaming about her next travel adventure or snuggling with her long-hair orange tabby, Lil Ricky. WATCH NOW.

Making Money With Consistent Live Streaming w/ Matt & Rich Aveo of The Pandemic Piano Show

In an effort to continually provide hope, inspiration and positive distraction with the world-class standard Rich has set for himself over the years, he created a Live Interactive Concert on Weeknights (M-Th) airing LIVE on YouTube at 5:30pm EST for as long as my body (and internet) will allow. He’s on day 75 now!

You can stop by and interact with others, invite your friends to the party, make song requests (no request is too absurd!) and I will entertain you so you can – as Billy Joel so astutely put it – ‘forget about life for a while…’ Ariel and Rich will discuss how to monetize a steady Live strategy and how his show has changed his perspective as an artist. WATCH NOW.

Branding Yourself on Social Media w/ Kayla & Lauren Waller

The Los Angeles-based artist bridges the divide between 1980s dark wave and modern electro-textured indie pop. Her aesthetic also encompasses the jagged artiness of alternative rock and the thrilling satisfaction of modern pop. Her soulful pop has earned her favorable comparisons to Lorde, Regina Spektor, Sara Bareilles, Adele, and Ingrid Michaelson. To date, Lauren has released multiple singles, two EPs, and garnered press accolades from New Music ExpressYoung HollywoodA&R WorldwideMusic ExistenceComing Up MagazineThe SpotlightAll Access Music, and Broadway World, among other outlets. Select performance highlights from Lauren’s resume include performing on RTE, Ireland’s National Television, at the International Rose of Tralee Festival, and appearances at the iconic Viper Room and the esteemed tastemaking club The Hotel Café. WATCH NOW.


Making The Most Of Your Next Music Release w/ Ariel & Charlie Faye

Charlie Faye is the songwriter and front woman of retro-soul girl group Charlie Faye & The Fayettes. Charlie has always been known for having strong self-management skills and an innovative way of doing things. She put herself on the map as a solo artist when she did a 10-month residency tour living in a different city each month, putting together a band of local musicians, and recording a new song in each city. Now, her modern-day girl group Charlie Faye & The Fayettes has garnered major media attention and critical praise, risen into the top 20 on the Americana Radio Chart, and had songs placed in TV shows like Riverdale and Girlboss. Charlie runs a successful artist consulting business, where she provides guidance, team management, and record release management for independent artists and she often collaborates with Cyber PR. WATCH NOW.


Live Streaming for Musicians w/ Kayla & Sinclair

Sinclair is currently writing & recording music for their first full length record, Ok Preachers Kid, that reflects their religious upbringing and threads in their passion for human rights. You can listen to the first single from their full length that just released, Drop-Dead Knockout. They make music to reflect their experiences: dark & methodical tones, with uplifting bursts of colorful brightness and feel good energy.

Compassion is their religion. Born and raised in Potsdam, NY. They are 6 in the line-up of 9 kids & their dad is the pastor of a non-denominational church (for something like 40 years now!?) It’s a big church in a small town with a devout following. When they came out it went just like they thought it would… Badly. It felt like a real life nightmare. Music proved to be their lifeline through 9 months of their life that seemed to be pitch black. It’s part of who they are & they choose daily to share their music with the world in hopes of making people feel understood when they felt lost or lonely… to help them embrace their divine independence & uniqueness. WATCH NOW.


Navigating the Modern Music Industry w/ Matt & Taylor Wettlaufer

Detailed actualizer and passionate leader with more than 12 years of professional experience cultivating a strong acumen for business, methodical work ethic, and drive for organizational excellence. Utilizes expansive international business experience from directing world renowned multimillion-dollar music tours to actualize a holistic operational strategy across all facets of the business. Committed to the development of memorable products and experiences. WATCH NOW.

Music Business Toolbox w/ Ariel & Bryan Calhoun

Bryan Calhoun is the founder of Music Business Toolbox. He is also a speaker and panelist at industry events, he holds a position on the boards of Future of Music Coalition, and the University of Georgia Music Business Program.

The Music Business Toolbox was created for musicians, managers, and producers. MBT breaks down in easy-to-follow steps what is needed for both brand-new and well experienced music industry professionals. Written in plain English (not complicated “music business jargon”) MBT will help you get a solid footing in negotiations, teach you the fine points of contract discussions,  help you make release choices, and empower you to build a solid foundation from which to grow. WATCH NOW


Creating Hybrid Music w/ Kayla & Leanna Primiani

Leanna Primiani is a musical storyteller. Transforming traditional narratives, she writes music that changes how listeners see themselves and the world around them. Using electronics as well as orchestral instrumentation, she explores the limits of musical form, sound, and time.

Starting out as a conductor, with credits including the National Symphony and LA Opera, she never imagined that composition would take over her life. Leanna channeled her kinesthetic experience of music-making as a conductor into her writing, with her music being championed by the Nashville Symphony, the Cabrillo Music Festival, and the Centre de Création Musicale Iannis Xenakis (Paris). Taking her story-telling further, she composes for film and television. Credits include the WIF/Fox Searchlight production of Signal, as well as the remake of the cult classic The Bad Seed, directed by and starring Rob Lowe. Variety’s Jon Burlingame calls the music “one of the most remarkable… scores of the past season.” WATCH NOW

Monetizing Zoom Concerts and Hangouts w/ Ariel & Dan Mangan

Dan Mangan is a two-time JUNO award winning & two-time Polaris Music Prize listed musician and songwriter. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with his wife and two sons. He has released 5 studio LPs and toured extensively in North America, Europe & Australia. Dan also scored the feature film Hector And The Search For Happiness starring Simon Pegg as well as television shows for Netflix and AMC. In 2017, he co-founded Side Door, a community marketplace platform matching performers with spaces to create shows anywhere, including interactive ticketed online shows.

Side Door is a platform matching performers with spaces to create shows anytime, anywhere, including ticketed online shows. Our philosophy is that absolutely anybody should be able to present arts and culture locally in their community in whatever space they have available. Living rooms, back yards, bookstores, galleries, offices, community halls, you get the picture. Since the pandemic, Side Door has focused its energy on fostering impromptu communities through highly interactive online shows. WATCH NOW

Songwriting and Production Hacks w/ Matt & Ian Ward

Ian Ward Brininstool is a young, southwest based Broadway Actor, independent Singer/Songwriter, and Creative Director at his entertainment company, Outward Original.  Ward’s most recent theatrical appearance was starring as Drew in “Rock of Ages Hollywood” alongside the late and great Nick Cordero, and Frankie Grande.  He can also be seen guest starring on Ryan Murphy’s hit FOX TV show, “9-1-1”.  Other notable productions include “BAZ: A Musical Mashup” at The Palazzo Las Vegas, where he played Romeo,  “Gettin’ the Band Back Together” at The Belasco Theatre on Broadway, and as the leading role of Ren in the Original cast of “Footloose” for Norwegian Cruise Lines. WATCH NOW


Getting 500+ Film & TV Placements w/ Ariel & Mr Robotic

Mr.Robotic is an Artist and Songwriter with over 500 syncs in TV, film and advertising (most recent syncs are Eurovision : Story of fire saga with Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams, Ozark and Hightown on Starz). He has also released a few number one dance music records most notably “Watch The Club Go.” Ariel interviewed him 10 years ago right here on the blog and this conversation will be a follow up on how he has managed to stay in the game snd get hundreds of synchs. WATCH NOW


Making Money As A Musician Without Burnout w/ Kayla & Katie Zaccardi

Katie Zaccardi is a songwriter, artist, music industry professional, and certified yoga instructor. Through her work in both music and wellness, along with her own experience with a generalized anxiety disorder, Katie discovered the urgent need for conversation surrounding mental health and self care within the music industry. Realizing the music industry’s demand for honest discussion on such topics as mental and physical wellbeing, Katie established Out To Be. Out To Be advocates a balanced path to personal and professional success that is grounded in wellness. At its core is the idea that what you set out to do, you turn out to be; that no matter where you begin, you make your own way to the most authentic you. The Out To Be Podcast invites listeners to engage with insightful dialogue on all things wellness and their relation to working in music. Through the Out To Be Coaching platform, Katie  supports artists and professionals with a personalized approach centered on cultivating positive actions & attitudes. WATCH NOW

Organizing Tours w/ Kayla & Ellie Hart

Ellie Hart is the founder of L.E.A.D. DIY – a light-sensitivity and epilepsy awareness movement that has taken the DIY music scene by storm. Along with running L.E.A.D. out of her bedroom, she operates MELTT Magazine and writes for The Alternative. Before doing all that stuff, Ellie worked with Atlantic Records, This Fiction Management, Live Nation, and Billboard. She attended Belmont University in Nashville and received a B.S. in Journalism. Ellie has used the wonderful power of Twitter to not only grow her following for her own personal brand, but also to grow L.E.A.D. DIY’s Twitter and launch her own music festival – Strobeless. Pre-COVID Ellie worked as a Tour Manager for various different bands on the East Coast DIY music scene.

Now she is planning several virtual concerts and festivals, leveraging social media to get the word out. Ellie was previously a guest on our Live series to talk about Twitter – but this Q&A is all about tips for touring (virtually and in-person). WATCH NOW


The Realities of Playlisting w/ Ariel & Andrew McCluskey

Andrew left his corporate retail management career at the age of 29 to come to America and join a rock band. It wasn’t as romantic as it sounds but it was brilliant.  Since then he has been employed as a professional musician, website developer, IT Manager, Musical Director, Songwriter, Creative Director, Executive Director, CEO, and has founded three separate businesses.  he am currently building a global community of playlisters.

Ariel and Andrew will discuss how to get on playlists and the realities of huge playlist curated by Spotify & Apple – plus he will answer any burning Qs you have about Playlists and how to get noticed. WATCH NOW.

Staying Motivated & Instagram Ads w/ Matt & Mike Annese from The R Train

The R Train is an American Rock Band hailing from Brooklyn NY, with tracks leading down into South Florida.  The band consists of vocalist guitarist Jeffrey Black, drummer vocalist Mike Annese, and bassist harmony Denny Lee. Formed in early 2019 by members Black and Annese, the band’s name came about while traveling on the New York Subway, the R Train. They were taking the train from Bay Ridge Brooklyn to Manhattan, to master a couple of tracks at Battery Studios, also known as the legendary “Record Plant” at 321 44th St. The Plant, as it is known today, is home to some of the greatest recordings of all time – from the likes of John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith, Kiss, and countless other greats. As the train swayed back and forth, the two thought, “we are in the greatest city in the world, traveling on the ride of a lifetime,” it was at that moment “The R Train Band” was born. WATCH NOW.

How to Grow A Massive Fanbase w/ Ariel & Michael Walker

Michael Walker is leading a revolution in today’s music industry. Having personally reached 17 million views on YouTube, working with Grammy Award-winning producers and touring internationally to perform for hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide – Michael is one of those rare mentors who has actually walked the walk of their own methodology.

Starting out with pure grass-roots techniques, he and his band Paradise Fears went from living out of their cars to selling 24,000 albums in 6 months and reaching #2 on the iTunes Alternative Charts. WATCH NOW.


Live Shows During COVID-19 w/ Kayla & Andrea Seeley

Andrea Seeley has dipped her toes in a wide range of music industry careers before landing her current position as the Operations Coordinator at the Count Basie Center for the Arts. As a student, she discovered her passion for live events and ended up working on her school’s programming board booking acts like Ed Sheeran. She went on to work for various companies like Madison Square Garden, Coachella, and Universal Music Group. Her various work in customer service, event planning, and ticketing has prepared her for her current role at the Basie. As the Operations Coordinator, she works closely with the Basie team and artist management to ensure a successful show at the Basie. Andrea loves every aspect of live events and being a part of bringing that experience to the audience. WATCH NOW.


Growing Patreon With Your Superfans w/ Ariel & Heather Mae

Unfazed by what a typical pop artist today is “supposed” to look like and how the typical pop artist is “supposed” to sound, Heather Mae, an award-winning songwriter whose evocative vocals and rhythmic piano style call to mind artists like Stevie Nicks and Sara Bareilles, creates intoxicating music that tackles complex topics surrounding mental health, LGBTQ+ issues, self-love, racial injustice, social inequality, and women’s rights. Inspired by her own personal experiences and identities – a queer, plus size woman living with Bipolar Disorder – and those of her multifaceted fans with whom she has forged connections throughout her many years of touring across the United States, Mae crafts powerful lyrics and unforgettable music about life’s moments–from the quietly chaotic to the explosive. WATCH NOW.


Creating A Virtual Festival w/ Kayla & Valerie Romanoff

The talent of Valerie Romanoff shimmers across a full spectrum of music, which she calls “STILL, CHILL, THRILL.”  Although she recently won BEST WORLD ALBUM at the 15th Annual Zone Music Awards, Valerie creates music of many kinds, spanning new age, jazz, rock, blues, world music, and funk! Her celebrated all-original music has been geared toward the meditation, yoga and spa markets, she often plays live, engaging audiences with up-tempo dance and groove music. Whether she plays festivals and gatherings with her new band SPIRIT JAM, or high-profile private events around the world (as co-founder and creative director of Starlight Orchestras) Valerie is known for her bright presence onstage, her skill in crafting a range of musical experiences, and her talent for bringing together world-class performers.  And, while she is a multi-instrumentalist, nothing defines Valerie as much as her captivating and energetic electric guitar playing! WATCH NOW.


Producing & Releasing Your Own Music w/ Matt & Eric Selby

Eric is a sought after artist/producer, versatile in many genres of music. Eric has performed live and recorded with many talented artists, including:  Billy Thompson (Little Milton, Albert King, Art Neville), Don Côqayohômuwôk Chapman (Firefall’s Larry Burnett & Rick Roberts, America),  Ron Holloway (Warren Haynes, Dizzy Gillespie, The Allman Brothers, Sonny Rollins, Tedeschi/Trucks), Daryl Johnson (The Neville Brothers, Daniel Lanois, Emmylou Harris, U2, Bob Dylan), James East (Elton John, Lionel Richie, Eric Clapton), Warner Williams (Piedmont blues legend, 2012 NEA National Heritage Fellowship Winner), Drink Small (Piedmont blues legend, 2015 NEA National Heritage Fellowship Winner), Bill Payne (Little Feat, J.J. Cale, The Doobie Brothers), Lenny Castro (Adele, The Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, Maroon 5, Stevie Wonder) and Mike Finnigan (Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker), to name a few. WATCH NOW.


Playlist Building w/ Kayla & Maurice Gilliard

Maurice was born & raised in New Jersey. He broke into the music industry as a Journalist & Creative Marketer. He has been an entrepreneur since he was 15. It was either this or the streets. He chose this. Through hig grind, he has done social media PR & music promotion for a few well known musicians in the industry, worked with two major record labels (Interscope & UMG) assisting with marketing & promotion. In 2017, he ran event coordination in Atlanta at a few spots such as lounges, clubs, & art galleries. He has written for a lot of music sites and blogs.

He has amounted 16k+ followers on Instagram, and 9k+ followers on his Spotify Playlist. He’s ready to drop all his tips! WATCH NOW.


Ask Us Anything w/ Kayla & Ariel

On this special edition of our Live series, Kayla & Ariel will be opening up the floor to any and all questions from people in the audience.

Kayla is the Director of Social Media & Design here at Cyber PR. She has extensive experience in running social media campaigns for musicians, writing marketing plans, executing release plans, creating album covers, and much more.

Ariel Hyatt is the Founder of Cyber PR. She has over 20 years of experience in the music industry and helps independent musicians on a daily basis with her newsletters, social media channels, and blog posts. WATCH NOW.


Musicians Guide to Websites w/ Ariel & Dave Cool

Dave Cool (yes, that’s his real name) is the Director of Artist & Industry Outreach at Bandzoogle. Built for musicians by musicians, Bandzoogle makes it easy to build a beautiful mobile-friendly website, and sell music, merch & tickets commission-free.

Dave has spoken at dozens of music conferences including SXSW, Canadian Music Week, SF MusicTech, and ASCAP EXPO. He has also been interviewed by The Economist, Newsweek International,, and the Financial Post for his insights on the music industry. WATCH NOW.


The Secrets of Sync Licensing w/ Kayla & Adam McInnis

Adam McInnis is a singer/songwriter/producer born in Manhattan, New York. The son of Black Scottish and Russian Jewish parents, at an early age Adam was surrounded by many cultures and forms of expression. While attending college in Orlando, Fl with major in scriptwriting, his passion for storytelling accidentally created a path into a music career when a roommate asked Adam to help write a song for a contest. After the contest, several other local singers heard about Adam’s talents and he quickly started becoming part of the Orlando pop scene which was led by artists at the time such as NSync, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys and more.

Currently, Adam has placed over 75 cues for Tv/film as well as collaborated with top Dj’s such as Fedde Le Grande. He is one of the few songwriters to have placements in Hip Hop, Pop, Edm, Country, and Rock. He resides in Austin,Tx and Costa Rica, dividing time between his multiple musical projects and his music workshop company “Neverland Retreats”, where selected artists are mentored by Grammy award winners and #1 Billboard Songwriters for a week in the rainforests of Costa Rica. WATCH MORE.


Lyric Writing w/ Matt & Annie Stokes

Annie Stokes is a dark Americana songstress and folk lyricist from the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Virginia. Raised on musical theater and her mom’s oldies, she began writing poetry and short stories at a young age. When she picked up a guitar at age 20, everything clicked. She began her career by playing open mics, street festivals, and wineries around her native Virginia, slowly graduating to festivals, night clubs, and regional tours across the East Coast. “I like a hook, and I like a song that dredges up specific memories and feelings, rather than generic rushes of serotonin,” she says of her songwriting style. “From the beginning, I would get inspired by snippets of conversations I would hear, or certain smells, or little moments.”

In this live Annie will break down her songwriting journey and share her inspirations with you, as well as give some tips for writing great songs. WATCH MORE.


adalia taraWriting Music with a Message w/ Matt & Adalia Tara

Adalia Tara bears her whole heart when she performs. Her style is distinct and versatile, from resonating, deep, bluesy lows to sweet, ethereal highs, her voice commands the space. Her evocative lyrics are at the center of her soulful sound, offering insight into her personal truths and aspirations. Her writing style has been influenced by classic artists such as John Lennon, Neil Young, and Billy Holiday, to more modern artist like Radiohead and Feist. No matter where her musical journey may take her, Adalia Tara’s intention and motivation for creating music has been unchanging. She hopes to bring benefit to others, to inspire, to encourage positive change, and to convey messages of hope and compassion. Music is her heart and offering, it’s how she gives back. For her, it is a part of her spiritual path that is ever unfolding. WATCH MORE.


monica luisiPodcasting & Brand Influencing w/ Monica Luisi

There is so much more that meets the eye with this new Media Mobster. The inspiration behind the persona draws from her strong Italian roots and her unapologetic attitude blossomed from the hard-working women she’s been surrounded with her whole life.

Her fabulous new podcast series on Youtube and IGTV showcases her unique take on the latest trends in showbiz and news, to interviewing some of the latest up-and-coming brands and public figures.

The Teflon Mon gets what she wants because she believes in the value of working hard towards the goal, no matter what the haters think. No dream is too big for her, as she constantly climbs her way to the top from interning at Entertainment Tonight, to video producing at the DailyMail, and she doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. WATCH MORE.


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