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This free music promotion guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to establish yourself on the two vital streaming platforms, Spotify and SoundCloud and why you need to understand the role each plays in the industry. These new platforms can be tricky and complex, and this guide is here to help you utilize these tools to your best ability. It includes advice on free music promotion from music industry veterans who work with top playlisters regularly and includes:

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to establish yourself on these vital streaming platforms for free music promotion

  • Getting fans to follow you
  • Getting noticed by curators
  • How to Find, Research &  Get on Spotify & SoundCloud Playlists

Every publicist can tell you there are certain questions (actually they show up more as orders) we have dreaded over the years posed by potential clients. When I started 20 years ago it was “get me in Rolling Stone” then for years it was “You are going to service my CD to Letterman and Conan yes?” Then today 100% of the time we are getting asked about Spotify Playlists.

And of course this question happens for good reason. A 2016 study from Loop on musicbiz.org shows data that playlists have surpassed albums in listenership and another on buzzfeed says that 1 out of every 5 plays across all streaming services today happens inside of a playlist.

But, hold your horses. There are a lot of steps to take before you hire a PR firm like mine or a playlist servicing company to get you on playlists. First you need to understand quite a few things.

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