Welcome to the third and final installment of our Musician’s Guide to SoundCloud! Now that you have your page all setup and optimized, it’s time to begin building a SoundCloud following. This step is crucial for musicians looking to make a significant impact as well as those who want to garner music publicity in the future as a page with no plays or following will not be appealing to music bloggers or industry people. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about cultivating a community around your music. A strong SoundCloud following can lead to more plays, likes, shares, and comments on your tracks, which in turn can attract the attention of influencers, industry professionals, and potential collaborators. It’s the foundation upon which your musical journey can thrive, allowing you to reach new heights and connect with music lovers worldwide. So, let’s explore the strategies and tips that will help you expand your SoundCloud following and propel your music career forward.

1. Plug your page on all other social media

The initial step in building your SoundCloud following is to leverage your existing social media presence. Promoting your SoundCloud page on your established social media platforms is a strategic move that can yield significant results. It’s a way to tap into a pre-existing fan base who already appreciates your work and is more likely to support your music on SoundCloud. This approach not only streamlines the process but also strengthens your online presence across various platforms, reinforcing your brand and musical identity.

When you share your SoundCloud tracks on socials, you’re essentially inviting your followers to join you on your journey. Encourage them to follow your SoundCloud page, like your tracks, and leave comments. You can create engaging posts, stories, or videos that highlight the unique aspects of your SoundCloud releases, whether it’s a new single, an exclusive remix, or behind-the-scenes content.

Stuck on how to do that? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

“We are now on SoundCloud! Click the link to stream our entire catalog of releases. Every follow is appreciated!”

“Have you checked out our SoundCloud page?”

You can also link your SoundCloud page to multiple sections on each social network for people who might have missed the status update.

Linktr.ee – Add it to the list

Instagram: Take a screenshot of your page and put a link in your bio. If a screenshot doesn’t fit your aesthetic, try a funny graphic, if funny isn’t your thing try any graphic

Facebook: Link to your SoundCloud in the “about” section of your profile.

X (Formerly Twitter): Put a link in your bio, or link to it in the “website” section of your profile.

2. Follow and interact with other independent artists.

Just like on all social platforms, SoundCloud users are eager to grow their own followings and often reciprocate by following and providing constructive feedback to others in the community. This means when you’re at the initial stages of establishing your presence on SoundCloud, it’s best to focus your efforts on engaging with users who are more likely to interact with you in return. While it might be tempting to reach out to celebrities or large accounts in hopes of gaining their attention, it’s essential to be realistic about your chances of receiving a follow back. These high-profile accounts often have countless followers and may not have the bandwidth to engage with every new artist.

Instead, concentrate on connecting with fellow emerging artists, producers, and music enthusiasts within your genre or niche. Engage in conversations, listen to their tracks, and offer thoughtful comments. This approach not only helps you build a more engaged and supportive community but also increases the likelihood of more follow backs and interactions. As you gradually establish your presence and grow your SoundCloud following, you can then aim for broader outreach and collaborations within the platform’s diverse musical landscape.

Here are a few ideas:

Follow other independent artists similar to yourself with comparable followings to your own.

Give them a follow

Heart their tracks,

Leave positive comments.

Not only will it make their day, but they will more than likely be happy to return the favor.

3. Follow small and medium-sized music blogs.

Just like with steering clear of huge celebrity accounts, do the same when following blogs. There is a huge community on SoundCloud of small music blogs and websites that are more than happy to plug independent artists.

Every interaction on SoundCloud matters. Each like, comment, follow, and play contributes to your visibility and reach within the community. The beauty of SoundCloud lies in the fact that it’s a discovery platform, where fans new and old can find, share, and celebrate your music. This means embracing those small and medium blogs and trusting that every connection counts.

Happy SoundCloud-ing!

Make sure to review part 1 and part 2 of our SoundCloud series to make sure everything is in alignment.

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