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As musicians, you don’t always have the time to create high-quality content for socials. But, you know how important it is for building your career. After all, it’s one of the things that connects you to fans and your fans are your lifeline. Not to mention the industry, who will look to your social media to get a sense of who you are (your brand), who your fans are and how influential you are (how engaged are they?) 

While the past few years have meant putting endless effort into crafting the perfect social media post for little return, we’re lucky enough to be in the age of AI. Meet — an AI tool that has a slick interface and some impressive tools that can help you accelerate the admin side of your career, so you can get back to making music.

What is AI Marketing? 

AI marketing, or artificial intelligence marketing, is the use of advanced technology to automate marketing processes and optimize performance. AI marketing software analyzes data, predicts outcomes, and recommends actions to improve marketing campaigns. In other words, it’s a way to save time, increase efficiency, and get better results.

Using is Very Intuitive and Easy.

Set Up An Account 

The first step towards creating content with is to set up an account  – it’s free for 5 days so I suggest that you sign up when you have some downtime so you can take full advantage of the trial and see if you like it. You can always cancel if it’s not for you but they will charge you on day 5!

Facebook Group & Bootcamp

You will receive an email inviting you to a 73K+ member Facebook group which has almost every Q you could possibly have answered as a resource. They also provide a video Bootcamp that is easy to digest and breaks down everything in a clear manner. 

50 Templates to Choose From

Select which template you want to use (there are 50) and many are associated with social media platforms including Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube video descriptions, and they have a tweet machine that generates dozens of tweets in seconds, plus many more.  Or choose a command and tell it what you want more specifically.  

Input the Text

Once you’ve selected the template you can input the text for your post. To test out the command function with prompts download my 100 ChatGPT Prompts For Musicians Social Media here.

Review and Tweak

After generates your content, you’ll have the opportunity to review and tweak it to your liking.  This ensures that your content meets your standards and is consistent with your brand.

So, how is this different from ChatGPT you may be wondering? 

There are some similarities. Both platforms use the GPT 3.5 language model to generate text.

Both have chat abilities ChatGPT and “Jasper Chat” are similar in this way.

Confession time: This paragraph was actually written by AI!

Here are some pros and cons to consider

Pros For for Musicians


If you don’t have time to agonize over social media posts, then you don’t have time to waste creating templates from scratch either. Jasper AI has you covered with templates and prompts that will help you create TikTok captions, engaging questions, and even help you write your email subject lines or bio!


There are also a lot of ad copy templates so if you are experimenting with Google or Facebook Ads this could be really helpful. 


Who has the patience to spend weeks learning a new platform? Sometimes new technology feels cumbersome, but this isn’t the case with Jasper.AI. It’s slick and intuitive and there’s even a Chrome extension with a lot of how-to documents and videos. 

Video Bootcamp

If you’re a visual person like me, then you’ll love the video bootcamp, which walks your through getting started and using Jasper.Ai the way YOU want to use it. 

Better for First-Time AI Users

If you’ve never used AI before and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at all the prospects, you might find Jasper less intimidating. It’s simple but powerful, so getting started is quick.

Cons For for Musicians

Designed For Marketers & Business Owners

Jasper is designed for bloggers and business owners which means it does a great job with SEO improvement on existing blog posts, and  can help write technical blog posts (there’s a great 22-minute tutorial that shows you how). But, if you’re like most musicians you probably don’t need quite this many bells and whistles. Still, SEO never hurt anyone and while you may not need this to start, this is one of those cons that could easily turn into a pro over time.

Last Updated in 2019

This is a bit of a misstep considering how AI is blowing up right know, but Jasper’s knowledge base only goes up to the end of 2019 so it won’t be able to write all about things that happened after that. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest pitfalls.

Price is $59 per month so if you are going to use it a lot it’s well worth it but if you only need assistance for a few social posts and don’t need a lot of the more robust features it may be more than you want. There are cheaper alternatives if you’re just getting started or want to experiment first. For instance, ChatGPT is free (for now). When it’s overloaded you can pay $20 per month for instant access and you will never wait, but if you’re ok with a few times refreshing and rolling the dice, you can stick to the free plan pretty well. . 

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT and both offer really amazing features that can help musicians create automated conversations with their audiences in an efficient and cost-effective way. I would suggest if you are a novice and need a more user-friendly interface to manage and store all prompts. Jasper is specifically meant for marketing and business use, which makes it all around better served for the kind of work you’ll be doing for your music business. 

Want to use AI ChatGPT to help save time in creating social media posts? Download our 100+ Prompts Freebie now!

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