Have you been struggling with Spotify?

My newest LAB is here to help!

Spotify Musicians Masterclass

This class is different from my other LABS because it’s ALL available NOW!

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All three sessions are already posted – You won’t have to wait for the weekly sessions like you did with the other 10 LABS 🙂

LAB 11 features two guest teachers – They are my two GO TO people for all things Spotify Related.

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Mike Warner – Guest Teacher Part 2 – The author of my favorite book on streaming, Work Hard Playlist Hard (which comes as a bonus with this LAB). Mike is also an independent artist and playlist curator. He teaches artists at any level how to grow their audiences on streaming services through profile enhancement, data analysis, automation and creating value as a curator. In Part 2, Mike sets the record straight on what playlists can really do for artists’ careers. You will learn how to customize your artist profiles on popular streaming services, build a playlist and grow it’s following, pitch to independent curators, and more.


Andrea Young Cyber PR LAB 11 Spotify Masterclass

Andrea Young – Guest Teacher Part 3 – The Co-founder of DPG Worldwide (my go to playlisting company). Andrea is an entrepreneur with extensive experience and expertise. She has worked for a major label and distribution company on campaigns for Tom Petty and Elvis Costello. Recently, she has focused her energies on music curation services, playlists, and working with emerging and established artists, and she has helped many of my artists gain traction and playlist inclusion on Spotify.


Have you had these Spotify issues?

You upload your music, and then you are disappointed when it is not picked up by a big enough playlist – or any playlists?

Or you hire a shady playlisting company (which you thought was legit), and maybe you were confused as to why the results were not as robust as you expected? (Or maybe it felt like the results were not authentic?)

Many artists I speak to and work with share these frustrations.

LAB 11: SPOTIFY MASTERCLASS is up and available NOW!

Here’s the Breakdown:

Part 1 – with Ariel

  • How to set up your Spotify profile (the right way! Not the way most artists do – which is WRONG)
  • How to create a complete “fan journey” that starts at Spotify and is cohesive across all channels
  • The difference between the three types of Spotify Playlists (yes there are 3 and they are distinctly different from each other)
  • The top marketing platforms to drive fans to presave and follow your music
  • How to cross promote on social channels and your newsletter to drive more followers to Spotify
  • Action sheets that break down everything in detail


Part 2 – Guest teacher Mike Warner, Author of Work Hard Playlist Hard

  • Mike will teach you how you can curate your own playlists to promote to fans
  • How to submit directly to Spotify’s editorial team for consideration
  • How to go even deeper into understanding playlists, ISRC Codes and their nuances
  • And he reveals how to use Spotify as a search engine so you can research all of the best playlists for your genre

PLUS you get Mikes fabulous book Work Hard Playlist Hard as part of this course ($9.99 value)


Part 3 – Guest teacher Andrea Young co-founder of DPG Worldwide

  • Andrea owns my go-to agency for Spotify playlisting because she knows how to get REAL results
  • She breaks down how often you should be releasing singles to get ahead on Spotify
  • She talks about more best practices on the platform and how to create a long-term and sustainable presence on this critical platform that keeps growing
  • And she reveals some outlets where you can find appropriate playlisters if you want to approach them for consideration

Click here and start bingeing this class NOW!

This Course Comes with BOTH Work Hard Playlist Hard & The Cyber PR Guide to Streaming, so you are basically paying $17! The price WILL go up soon so take advantage today

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