It’s Black Friday and I’m here to offer you our annual Black Friday deal.  It’s my 3-part Music Publicity Masterclass and 3 bestselling books. Get it all for $17!

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The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity

The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity went to number 1 on Amazon in the Music Business category and I want you to have it this Black Friday as you get ready to take on the new year. It features indispensable advice from a wide swath of music industry luminaries including veteran music publicists, bio writers, editors, playlisters, and podcasters who generously contributed their tips from both sides of the desk. Also included are 11 indie artists who share their inspirational PR journeys.

Black Friday Fan 1st

Fan 1st

Fan 1st is broken up into 3 parts: Part 1 – Identify Your Fans – understand the nuances of your communities and capture and engage more fans with a systematic approach. Most artists try to “get as many listeners as possible” and don’t get that there’s a difference between an ambient and a super fan – they need to be treated and communicated with differently.

Part 2 – Focus on How to Create Income – this makes you think about how to monetize your music by learning to create products and offerings your fans want by asking them effectively. And of course, it’s not about going straight to the ask – it’s about building up to it.

Part 3- Create an Effective Plan – Your own artist development plan is broken down into steps and actions you need to prepare, launch and sustain releases, whether they are singles, EPS, videos, or full-length albums.

Black Friday Social Media Tuneup

Social Media Tuneup

Social Media Tuneup is a book necessary for you to make a big impact on your music career. We can see that social media is taking over and becoming necessary for music marketing strategies. Stay on top of social media trends and other music publicity strategies by purchasing this book. All the tools you need to improve your social media presence, increase the size of your online footprint, and ultimately drive more traffic to your site, your socials, and your business can be found in this book.

Get the Black Friday Special – Music Publicity Masterclass + Action Sheets and 3 books here!

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