Dorie Clark on CROWDSTAR by Ariel Hyatt

CROWDSTART is celebrating an anniversary – and I’m bringing back all the free SWIPE files to commemorate!

you can purchase it on Amazon now here! And after you do that head over to the BONUS PAGE and grab your bonuses.


I’ve created a swipe file full the email templates and cheat sheets I used for my successful crowdfunding campaign and outline in CROWDSTART so you can copy/paste and edit as you wish for your own campaign. HUGE time saver!

(VALUE: approx $200)

Do the math: You pay only $14.99 for the book and receive over $200 worth of awesome content.

If you are not ready ti invest, come read some excerpts or watch a vide OR listen to some podcasts where I will dispense many many nuggets of knowledge.


CROWDSTART hit #1 in both Entrepreneurship & Investing


At the time CROWDSTART was released, it went to #1 in the new releases in the Crowdfunding, Entrepreneurship & Investing categories and is still a top seller to this day.

Read Excerpts from CROWDSTART

Huffington Post CROWDSTART


Huffington Post Ariel Hyatt Oprah CROWDSTART

This post is an excerpt from Ariel Hyatt’s new book CROWDSTART

A few years ago, I lost almost all of my worldly possessions when my apartment caught on fire. I came home from work one day and my home was burned beyond recognition; I saved only my clothes and a few items. I had to start re-assembling the contents of my life one item at a time.

But what was truly interesting to me was what happened after the fire. People I considered my best friends barely came to help and many other “close” friends came up with excuses for why they couldn’t. However, people I never expected to see came over and were incredibly generous. A passing college acquaintance arrived at my apartment with bleach, gloves and a mask, and helped me scrub the soot and smoke off of every single salvageable item in my kitchen. I had barely spoken to this man in over 10 years, yet there he was… Read the full excerpt here.


DIY Musician CROWDSTART Ariel Hyatt

Ariel Hyatt CD Baby DIY Musician CROWDSTART

This article is an excerpt from Ariel Hyatt’s Crowdstart.

In one of my favorite movies, Old School, Frank the Tank (played by Will Ferrell) gets drunk at a frat party, takes off all his clothes and yells, “Okay everybody, we’re going streaking! Come on!” He takes off running down the street — but nobody follows him. He ends up jogging, buck naked, through town, still yelling, “We’re going streaking!” oblivious to the fact that he’s completely alone.

Unless you want to end up like Frank the Tank, before you declare, “I’m launching a crowdfunding campaign!” you’d better make sure you have a crowd that is willing to follow your lead and give you their support… Read the full excerpt here.




I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ariel Hyatt for years, so when she told me she was finally releasing her compendium on Crowdfunding called Crowdstart, I jumped at the opportunity to get the skinny on her entire journey.

Ariel and her awesome double-threat agency, Cyber PR & Cyber PR Music, was instrumental in helping the whole team here at 12South Music get off the ground in our early years, and I couldn’t be happier to bring you guys what hands down will be the best information about crowdfunding you’ll get this decade.

If you want to watch – Here is the amazing Michael Shoup, founder of 12 South Music in Nashville, discussing what you can use crowdfunding for. (It’s not just about release products!)


Femusician Podcast Ariel Hyatt CROWDSTART Bree Noble



If you want to listen – Here is the brilliant Bree Noble interviewing me on the “Female Entrepreneur Musician” Podcast

I have an enlightening and in-depth conversation with Ariel Hyatt, author & founder of Cyber PR, about lessons learned from her own crowdfunding experience and how they can be applied to music crowdfunding. She also introduces her new book on crowdfunding called “Crowdstart”.

What Ariel Learned from her own Crowdfunding Experience
  • It was a horrific and stressful 30 days
  • Finding out how people show up in your life
  • Learning that there are people she didn’t realize were her champions
  • Your superfans will show up during your campaign

If you want to listen – Here is the brilliant Bree Noble interviewing me on the Female Entrepreneur Musician Podcast.


Tunecore podcast CROWDSTART Ariel Hyatt



The media has done a great job of making crowdfunding look easy and this expectation can skew your goal because the crowdfunding campaigns you may have read about — like the Coolest Cooler or Amanda Palmer’s epic raise of 1.2M — make it seem like everyone who tries crowdfunding has massive success.

Here are two stats to know to help set realistic expectations:

  1. The average successful crowdfunding campaign raises $7,000.
  2. Approx 60% of crowdfunding campaigns don’t reach the desired financial goal.

Now that you know this you have a healthier place from which to base your expectations….

If you want to listen – Here is Kevin Cornell interviewing me on the Tunecore Music Made Me Podcast.

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