At Cyber PR, we get a lot of questions from artists about what they should be posting on Instagram (and Twitter, and Facebook, and all other sites and socials). If you’ve read our previous Instagram posts (here and here), then you know just how important Instagram is for musicians, and how it helps you curate your brand and connect with fans. We have a lot of Instagram Rockstars we follow and check in with., and we have showcased 7 favorites here.

But figuring out what to post is not always intuitive. A great way to figure out what to post is by checking out artists who post really well (AKA – Instagram Rockstars) and seeing what it is they do and what resonates with you and get inspired by them.

A Few Tips To Get Started On Instagram…

Choose No More Than 5 Social Themes

A problem we see often is artists are all over the place with their content (cats! Dinner!  Tour recommend the 5 Themes approach to curating content. What does this mean? Spend a few minutes thinking about the things in life that are most important to you. Music (probably), family, charity, your pets, food, nature, hobbies… what sort of things define you? This is how you start to build your brand. True Instagram Rockstars stick to 5  – any more, and your socials become random, and it will be harder for fans to quickly figure out who you are.

Listen To This Podcast To Get Clear About Social Themes:

Social Media Thems with Ariel Hyatt and Cyber PR

For more in-depth info on themes, listen to this great #TwitterSmarter Podcast where Ariel talks to the brilliant Madalyn Sklar about it in detail 

(yeah we know it’s called TWITTER Smarter but it applies to Instagram too!).

7 Instagram Rockstars to Follow & Emulate

A great way to get better at something is to learn from the masters. We put our heads together and came up with a list of our Instagram heroes. Let’s check out their profiles, and figure out the methods to their fabulous social strategy…

margie mays

Rockstar #1: Margie Mays

Personality Margie always makes sure her personality shines through. She posts cute videos of her just being quirky, as well as beauty tips like how she curls her hair

Throwbacks she makes sure to look back on her accomplishments and share them – especially from when she was on American Idol!

billie eilish

Rockstar #2: Billie Eilish

Humor Possibly the biggest Instagram Rockstar of them all, Billie’s main thing is her humor. Her captions are always funny and really express how personable and relatable she is. Her humor matches her bold and edgy style which she features often on her Instagram feed.

Fashion Just like her sense of humor, she conveys her honest self through her fashion. Billie can always be seen sporting vibrant primary and secondary colored outfits that help to mold her overall theme.


lauren waller

Rockstar #3: Lauren Waller

Live performances she shares show posters as well and photos and videos from her performances

Personal life – Lauren always makes sure to include her friends in her posts, as well as cool things she’s doing around LA

Her red hair is part of the story too!

nik west

Rockstar #4: Nik West

Personal life Nik often shows pictures of her significant other showing that she does have a life outside of touring and performing.

Covers and collabs Don’t get too wrapped up in yourself and remember to acknowledge your influences and other artists you respect. This is a great way to tag people you love and admire as well.



eli lev

Rockstar #5: Eli Lev

Acknowledging the band You should acknowledge the people instrumental to what you do.

Special trips and experiences – Eli has traveled and lived around the world it is a huge part of who he is as a musician (and a great way to dig back through his archives to create #TBT, #FlashbackFriday and add to his narrative).

instagram rockstars

Rockstar Label #6: ATO Records

Official promo pics and videos of their artists to showcase the brand (if you have a label this is a great thing to do) – they have their in their bio so that people who follow them on Instagram can also follow them elsewhere

Behind the scenes/ATO employees giving a face to the team behind the posts and the music is a great way to add true personality to the Page

instagram rockstars

Rockstar #7: New Reveille

Color Story & Branding – Up & coming band New Reveille’s Instagram is a great example for independent artists. They follow a black and white color scheme, while throwing in some pinks/purples from live shows. Their Instagram mostly revolves around their live performances, as well as some press photos.

Instagram Rockstar Honorable Mention: Anderson Paak

instagram rockstars

We Love Anderson’s amazing Instagram multi-images.  This takes planning and consistency but it is eye-catching and cool AF.


There you go. Seven Instagram Rockstars to follow and steal ideas from. What have we learned?

Choose 5 themes that define you and your brand. Self-promote sparingly.

And most importantly, BE REAL. Good luck, and happy Instagramming!

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