Social Media Management is not everyone’s favorite thing.  In fact, many artists would rather stab a pen in their eyes than post consistently across social channels.

Plus, it is not intuitive to identify and implement a cohesive and attractive Social strategy

We understand this and we are here to help if day in day out social posting is not your bag!  Here is our newest case study so you can get a sense of what we do and how we do it.

Cyber PR Social Media Management Case Study

What A Cyber PR Social Media Management Campaign Does:

  • Relieves your overwhelm by taking over your social posting
  • Posts for you or coaches you on how to do it with ease
  • Consults on color, style, tone and font choices to hone your brand
  • Chooses 4-5 themes so your messaging stays cohesive
  • Skins your socials to captivate and reflect your current focus
  • Creates your social calendar so no event or milestone gets missed
  • Identifies tastemakers to engage
  • Hones in on conversations and trends to join
  • Teaches relevant aspects of social media science, ad and boost strategy, shares favorite shortcuts, and apps
  • Fosters organic growth

We Create Owned Media and Post Across Your Social Channels:

Cyber PR Social Media Management Case Study

Owned media is what sets you apart from the pack. We envision and hone your social narrative with consistant branding  then build custom images that are unique to your brand and make you recognizable to fans and industry.

We Visualize Client Wins through Social Media Management

Cyber PR Social Media Management Case Study

We visualize all your wins – this includes new music out, gigs booked, milestones met, PR placements, radio, and playlist adds, and awards (to name a few). We cross-populate these with calls-to-action to encourage fans to engage. This is great social media at its most effective.

We Design Memorable Brands

Cyber PR Social Media Management Case Study

We create consistent branded content to match your music and your style. We study your audience to ascertain the best time to post and we respond to your growing fan base.


We Choose Themes To Make Your Social Strategy Cohesive


Cyber PR Social Media Management Owned Media Examples

Here, we combined two themes that incorporated our client’s favorite artists plus street art to create #MusicMonday posts incorporating custom hashtags to create brand awareness.

Artist Social Media Management Case Study: FLOW 

Cyber PR Case Study Social Media Management FLOW

New Age Super Group FLOW = Fiona Joy, Lawrence Blatt, Jeff Oster, &  Will Ackerman. FLOW came to us needing Branding and Community Management. These services helped to create a cohesive brand while growing social numbers and engagement.

We Visualize Music Publicity Placements, Tour Dates, and Awards

With FLOW we visualize all press placements by incorporating the nature themes from their videos. These tiles help drive traffic to the sites that are featuring FLOW editorial. These tour tiles were used to help promote FLOW’s shows in individual cities and drive ticket sales while promoting FLOW’s Arrival Tour. We also visualize and share when they win awards.


Strategic Social Promotion to Drive Spotify Playlisting

We booked and promoted a Facebook Live stream. We shared this stream across all platforms to promote and gain views, Spotify plays and follows. The live stream got 20,000 views, 148 reactions, and dozens of shares and new followers plus a few new playlist adds on Spotify.

Instagram Highlight Covers & Story Posting

These are covers for  FLOWS Instagram’s Story Highlights and the first thing users see when they land on FLOWS Page.  These help to brand their growing Instagram account.

We Cause Organic Growth through Social Media Management

On socials slow and steady wins the race. Under our direction, FLOW’s socials continue to grow steadily. Instagram started with fewer than 100 followers and they are now over 900. Twitter has gained 600+ followers since we took over their social media management – all of these are real follows.

Social purges don’t affect our clients because there are no bots to purge.



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