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When we design your Social Media Tuneup we start by assessing what you are currently doing online and we will give you a detailed report including what is already working in your favor and where there is room for improvement. Next, we will look at your current followers’ demographics so we can use that intel to design your brand pillars and your custom fan personas. Then we outline specific social media themes.

We start by taking you through our discovery questionnaire that helps us get to know you, your history, your fans, and your brand. Then we prepare the architecture of your plan on a Zoom or a call. Once you approve of the direction, we prepare your Tuneup and all of your social posts which will be delivered to you in approximately 2 weeks.

Here’s A Visualization of What Your Social Media Tuneup Contains

Social Media Tuneup

Your Social Media Tuneup is a laser-focused plan which hones in on four vital components of social media design and execution.

ONE: A Full Online / Social Media Assessment  

We find every single online platform and meticulously go through each one to check for consistency, brand, and audience reaction.  We start by checking to be sure your social media is easy to find on your website. Next, we go through all social & music platforms including – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Pandora, Bandsintown, and Songkick.  And if you use LinkedIn and Pinterest, we assess those, too.

TWO: Brand Pillar & Fan Persona Creation

It’s very hard to attract fans if your brand is not fully defined. We develop your brand voice and create your official brand pillars. We define brand pillars in order to help you articulate in words who it is you are. This is critical for social media as it defines your online voice. Then we create and match these to your custom fan personas which define potential fans based on age, geography, preferences, and, of course, musical tastes.

THREE: Your Social Themes

We fully outline 4-5 social themes that are unique to you based on your brand pillars, fan personas, past social media successes, and ease of content availability. We lay these out so that you have parameters and well-defined guidelines so that your posts are consistent and on-brand.

FOUR: We Create 3 Months of Social Posts

After you have approved our vision and direction, we lay out 3 full months of social posts including appropriate and well-researched hashtags for 3 social channels. You can choose from – Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.  We lay them all up on a Google calendar doc with associated links to visuals and specific well-researched hashtags. You will go in and approve each post to be sure we nailed your voice and they feel as if you created them yourself.

Many are wary of letting someone else create themes and write posts for them, with good reason. You put a lot of work into gathering your fans – you don’t want to confuse them with posts that don’t sound like they came from you. This is why we collaborate with you rather than dictate to you – each post will be an extension of your own voice.

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