We will ease the day-to-day social media grind by coaching you or posting for you (depending on your needs and budget).

The Social Media Management (SMM) team at Cyber PR works for a wide range of artists and entrepreneurs, and we often find ourselves explaining what a social media management campaign actually entails.

Your SMM will post regularly on your socials so that you don’t have to get into the daily tedious grind and you can spend your precious time doing what you love – making music.

What A Social Media Management / Community Management Campaign Entails:

Themes & Owned Content

Many are wary of letting someone else post for them, with good reason. You put a lot of work into gathering your tribe of fans – you don’t want to confuse them with posts that don’t sound like they came from you!

We will work with you to create themes that support your brand and attract more fans. We identify targeted and popular themes.

After the themes are created we create unique content.

The Intake Process

We start by sending an in-depth questionnaire – we call them FOUNDATIONS – that asks dozens of questions about your current social media strategy, and what types of content you like (and dislike). We also want to know all about your fans, so, we ask quite a few questions about them as well.

You share your favorite artists, videos, quotes and things that make you unique as an artist. After you return the questionnaire, our whole team meets to analyze it and create themes, content ideas, & a personalized content calendar.

Getting To Know You

Next, we set up an in-depth meeting (phone, Skype, or in-person) with you, in order to go over the questionnaire and begin to really understand your voice. Together, we go deeper into your interests, influences and discuss what kind of content you want us to add to your current posting schedule. We also look deeply at your analytics to identify other social media users it might be fruitful for you to engage with, and what online conversations you might want to join.

Social Skinning & Special Graphics

We make sure your brand is cohesive across all channels, and that all sites are optimized and skinned. It is important to visualize releases, blog features, show announcements, crowdfunding campaign countdowns, and social channels. Our SMMs create unique visual content that fits with each individual artists’ brand. To do this, we have an in-house graphic designer – but there are many great, easy-to-use apps that can help you create awesome graphics, too.

The Social Media Calendar Organizer

Once we have the basics down, we start to prep some posts on what we call the SMM Organizer, which is stored in the cloud as a Google Sheet. When posts are approved, we use a social media scheduling system like Hootsuite or Buffer to handle the posts we expect. You have full access to everything we are doing, and we ask our clients to give feedback and make changes at any point.

Your level of involvement in the process is completely up to you. Some of our clients like to leave everything in our hands, and some stay very involved, even continuing to post themselves. This all depends on how much you like social media and how much time you have to get into the action.


Our SMMs Tweet between 3 and 10 times a day for our artists. We include a mix of RTs, @’s, and original posts. One tweet is about your music and what is happening in your career, though it is important to avoid being overly promotional on social media. Obviously, if you have a show coming up, or a new single, we include more promotional posts than usual. If you are thinking that this is a lot of tweeting, know this: the average tweet shows up on people’s’ news feeds for approximately 45 seconds. That makes it impossible for us to over-tweet.


We post 3X – 4X per week. However, many of our artists like to post more (it all depends on how active your Facebook followers are and how much money you wish to invest in Boosting and ads). Native videos and images & Facebook Live are most effective.

EMail List

Your email list is where most of your engagement and revenue will come from. Your SMM is your brainstorming buddy. She will help you come up with a sexy name for your newsletter, help you with nurturing your list by developing welcome and nurture sequences, and work to gather all of the names and email addresses you may have forgotten. And, of course, we will make sure you are sending your newsletter regularly and consistently.


We help you develop a cohesive visual strategy. We post on Instagram 3-4X a week. We also advise on Stories. We help you develop at least 1 a day (and up to 5).

Organizing All Your Posts With The Cyber PR SMM Organizer

One of the most important components of managing social media is keeping on top of the daily posts. Here at Cyber PR, we organize posts for our clients in a collaborative spreadsheet, which ensures that no social channel is left behind and allows you to get ahead of planning (instead of forgetting and reacting)!

Monitor Analytics & Engage With Influencers In Your Networks 

We consistently look at your analytics to identify tastemakers and influencers for you and engage with them on your behalf. In addition, we hone in on conversations and trends, and join those too. The result is a clean social media presence that attracts new fans and connects with your audience in a cohesive way.

In the end, our goal in a social media management campaign is to streamline your social media strategy and build your audience organically.

In order to do this, we learn how to use YOUR voice, YOUR interests, and YOUR music to create compelling content to attract new fans and strengthen the relationship with existing fans.


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