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We Don’t Just Blast – We Strategize First

When you become a Cyber PR artist, you get a real strategy around how to roll out to the DSPs in an effective manner.

Unlike other firms we never “blast” tracks to see what will stick. We meticulously plan and then pitch your track to playlisters who we have established relationships with from carefully chosen outlets. 

Your Playlisting Campaign starts with planning an effective rollout with Spotify Curation team outreach, timeline and targets customized for you. 

We will work with you to ensure that your Spotify and all other streaming profiles are optimized and ready to show playlisters.  

As we progress through your pitching campaign, we share each Playlister’s Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profile with you so that you can follow and connect. 

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Your Playlisting Campaign Is Completely Transparent

You will have access to your personalized online dashboard that shows in REAL TIME exactly who we are pitching every single day. You will never wait for a “report” from us or wonder what we are doing. You will see who we are pitching and read their direct comments and feedback. 

We encourage you to foster these relationships. Our end goal is to have these playlist curators paying attention to you because you will already be active in their social ecosystems.

We Help You Tell Your Playlisting Story On Social Media

Once a Playlisting add occurs, we further strengthen it with visual tools that showcase your wins. These social media shout outs further build connections with Playlist curators and create invaluable connections, which are yours to foster forever.

Your playlist adds help to develop your footprint on the Digital Service Providers and strengthen your artistic voice and personal brand. 

At the end of your Cyber PR Playlisting Campaign, you walk away with multiple adds on playlists, a deeper understanding of how playlisting works, and featured social media posts showcasing your tracks success. 

Yes! We accept credit cards and YES you can pay in installments.

cyber pr playlisting

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