As 2021 comes to an end, we are happy to share our clients’ best press hits of the year! Independent artists come to us with hopes of gaining publicity, and we are incredibly proud with the results we give them. With our hundreds of contacts and pitches, our clients are able to conclude the year with amazing reviews and placements for their music. Today we’re sharing our best hits of 2021!

Introducing Our Best Press Hits Of 2021!

Christopher Hill’s “The Gravity of the Goddess (No One Else Can Dance Like You)”

“The Stardust Crush is more like a musical community in Seattle than a formal band. Chris Hill does the writing, singing, and most of the instrumentals and their music is genreless. They span from Pop/Rock to Rhythm and Blues or Middle Eastern and Jazz. There are also a great deal of sound scapes and ambient noises in the background of the tracks. The lyrics have a folk sensibility to them in a Bob Dylan sort of way. Their newest song, “The Gravity of the Goddess (No One Else Can Dance Like You)” is an alternative rock song that takes musical inspiration from the Middle East by using the sitar and an overall sound very much like Bob Dylan meets Pink Floyd meets Johnny Cash.”

Stitched Sound

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Courtney Cotter King’s “Big Strong Man”

“With sounds of Norah Jones and Carol King, “Big Strong Man” is Courtney’s love song to her husband. She sings about how he may be big, but he’s gentle, about how he’s a great dad, and about how he makes her feel light. She says that he makes her feel like the only girl in the world. “Big Strong Man’ is a playful tribute to masculinity creating a lovely backdrop for femininity” says Courtney. “Light as a feather, when we’re together’ is how she feels against his “gentle giant, nice grizzly bear’ frame.”

Amplify Music Magazine

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Mary Jennings’ “Liar”

“Good music always has a way of finding you when you need it most. Those songs say everything that you need to hear, as it speaks your truth for you in a real way. That type of connection makes a song last the times because you know you can count on it when you have the feeling the music conveys. That’s what you get from Mary Jennings on her new song “Liar”.”

Honk Magazine

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Working Class Hussys’ “Elaine”

“Central New Jersey’s Working Class Hussys are the hook-heavy Americana/rock band that’s redefining roots music. Led by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ian Patrick Gentles, the band puts out a sound that blends soaring harmony vocals, crunchy guitars, and big choruses into music no other group in the genre could make.”

Aesthetic Magazine

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Cyber PR Press Hits 2021


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