There’s been a lot of great changes happening in the music marketing and pr world. To stay caught up, we found many amazing and talented women to join our team. So without further ado, come meet the Cyber PR Music team!

Meet The Cyber PR Music Team:

meet the team sandy

Sandy Asirvatham, Artist Relations and Client Coaching

A client of ours for more than a decade, Sandy is really excited to pay it forward. Known artistically by her given name – Sandhya – she’s a longtime musician, writer, and multimedia creative entrepreneur. Probably the most Type-A musician you’ll ever meet, she has joined the Cyber PR team to help with artist relations and client coaching. An award-winning journalist, opinion columnist, and concert/media producer, she’s been a fixture on the Baltimore/DC cultural scene since the mid-1990s.

“In business and in personal life, I’ve learned that integrity is the quality you need most in the people you surround yourself with. Having been Ariel’s client for many years before joining her team, I’m thrilled to be working with someone whose values are as reliable as her industry know-how.”

meet the team myra

Myra Gleason, Total Tuneup Writer and Consultant

Singer-songwriter, storyteller, and speaker, Myra’s passion–to see artists thrive–comes from years of DIY learning, experimentation, and execution. She has played hundreds of shows with her band Gleeson, developing a fanbase through constant touring. Having several of her songs placed in TV/Film, she is excited to bring her experience and knowledge. She’s an avid gardener, plant mom, future podcaster, and had one TikTok go viral that had nothing to do with her music. Myra joins us as a Total Tuneup writer and consultant.

“Music found me as a Macy’s Parade Chicken Farmer at Universal Studios FL in Winter of 2006. While that isn’t the most strange part of my story, it led me to live a life of touring full time, singing songs, and sleeping in my 4 door sedan at rest stops with enough sleep to make it to the next city and do it all over again. As a dedicated student of constructive criticism and learning everything I could, I’d go to conferences like MONDO NYC and CD Baby. Both times Ariel was a speaker. I was so appreciative of her insight and “realness” to tell musicians the truth about how to actually make it. I approached her at one of the conferences to simply say Thank You. We stayed connected through her newsletter and a few years later, here I am.”

meet the team abbey

Abbey Olson, Publicist

Abbey graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a degree in Theatre Arts in 2020. While her senior year during the pandemic wasn’t what she expected, she was happy to see the world turning to entertainment to get through the changing scene, and hoped to one day be a part of the industry and continue to bring that joy. As a theatre kid, her musical taste is eclectic. She listens to Selena Gomez, Aly &AJ, ABBA, and the Beatles, along with Hamilton, Come From Away, and Rent. Aside from music, she is a Hufflepuff, and she loves playing with her Chocolate Lab. Abbey joins us as a publicist (and she writes killer press releases).

“I started at Cyber PR last summer as an intern and I fell in love with my role as a publicity assistant. Helping independent artists get their music into the world (and listening to all kinds of music for a living) made me want to pursue it further. “

meet the team Annie

Annie Stokes, Total Tuneup Writer, Implementor, and Coach

Annie is a musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from VA. She became a client of Cyber PR in 2020 to learn to manage her career more effectively. She’s thrilled to be lending her experience and perspective to clients. Annie believes (despite the challenges we are all facing) that it’s an exciting time to be an independent artist. When not making music or helping musicians, she’s a herbalist, tarot reader, mediocre latte artist, and the mother of three cats and two human daughters. She loves the movie Practical Magic even though it ruined her for real estate. She joins us as a Total Tuneup Writer, Implementor, and coach.

“I knew I wanted to be a professional performer at age 5 when I saw the PBS live cast of ‘Into the Woods’ and became entranced with Bernadette Peters. While I’m sure my ability to quote Stephen Sondheim in elementary school was highly unsettling, I nonetheless spent the next two decades studying the art of performance, eventually transitioning from musical theater aspirations to singing and songwriting. However, the business side of things didn’t come so easily for me. I spent a few frustrating years feeling overwhelmed by what felt like an incredibly opaque industry before seeking out Ariel’s counsel. With her help, I began to approach my music career with confidence. As a team member, I’m excited to help other musicians becomes their own biggest advocates! And I can still pull out inspirational Sondheim quotes.”


And of course, we can’t forget about our founder!

meet the team Ariel

Ariel Hyatt, Founder

For 25 years I’ve been a cheerleader for independent artists. I love the challenges that today’s music business presents and I’m very proud f the work we do here at Cyber PR. I’m known throughout the industry for my books, blogs, and dedication to education and I love teaching artists which I have been honored to do in many countries and at countless music conferences. At last count I have spoken to at least 100,000 artists and industry colleagues helping them take control by leading masterclasses and workshops.

I’ve written 6 books on marketing, crowdfunding, social media, and publicity, all of which went to #1 on Amazon. I used to be an obsessive world traveler before this pandemic but now I stay at home raising my 2-year-old son. I have recently relocated to The Berkshires in Western Massachusetts which is weird because I’m a born and raised Manhattan gal. When not working lately I enjoy cooking all kinds of things in my air fryer, baking (not in my air fryer), Ted Lasso, and re-visiting all things from my 80’s childhood.

OK…. now you’ve met the Cyber PR Music team – don’t you want to have them represent youWe build custom long-term marketing plans and execute effective music publicity campaigns and Sandy would love to talk to you about how we can help.

cyber pr music

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