Cyber PR’s AI Music Marketing Course



AI Music Marketing

As marketers, AI tools are here to augment us, not replace us.

They are Game Changers as they will empower artists to get in control of tasks that take up too much time and energy. These tasks when done right will help you bond with your fans and create long-term sustainable brands.

It’s time to take HUNDREDS of wasted hours a year off of your shoulders.

This course will be taught over 5 weeks. Imagine what would happen if you…

Freed up hundreds of hours a year to focus on high level creative work

FINALLY got around to writing all of those emails not only your monthly communications but also the welcome series and the drip campaigns that you have been meaning to get to 

Had a “Virtual Assistant” that could help you effortlessly draft industry related emails to get bookings, publicity and ???

What you will be learning: BETA 5-Part Course Breakdown

Part 1 – Introduction to AI What is is, what it does, how artists can harness it’s power for marketing

Part 2 – Social Media Revolutionize your brand and optimize your messaging with cutting-edge AI tools

Part 3 – Graphics & Video AI artwork generation tools that deliver stunning graphics and video content.

Part 4 – Automated Email Generation Say goodbye to manually writing emails – including that welcome series you never got around to, all monthly communications, and booking

Part 5 – Your AI Action Plan From hands-on to hands-off

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