I’m really excited about AI’s potential – so excited in fact that I built a whole course!

And I have partnered up with one of the smartest women I know in the business to co-teach with me in our upcoming course, AI Music Marketing.

Aileen Crowley AI Music Marketing Course

Meet Aileen Crowley. We first came together in 2010 and I have admired her work and spirit ever since we connected. She’s got over a decade of experience in streaming, digital strategy, and marketing, and she has a long record of success in new entertainment models. She was on the ground floor of building a new model record label, DigSin, which was then the first playlist promotion company in the industry, and then the first global streaming team within Universal Music Group. Aileen has been recognized on the Billboard 40 under 40 list. She has spoken on industry panels internationally. Aileen and I have been spending every waking hour we can learning as much as we can about how to apply AI to our daily marketing tasks and figuring out how musicians and music industry professionals can get up to speed fast and use AI for marketing. 

So, Why Take This Course? Here are 10 Reasons Aileen and I came up with…

ONE: Save Time 

Get back all those hours you spend on social media and email each week and get a lot more done. Being able to effectively learn how to use AI tools will give you back 3-8 hours of your week. Think about the multiple social posts you’re writing per week to post across all those platforms. Then think about what picture you’re posting on IG, and what video is going up on TikTok today. It’s Wednesday and you want to send an email to fans, you have to get artwork created for your new single, you need to get 50 booking emails out this week if you want to tour this summer, oh and you still need to update your website and check in on your merch order 😳.

TWO: Save Money 

Slash your marketing expenses with more precision. You may be paying a graphic designer, social media manager, editor, or copywriter. AI will drastically reduce your budget for these outsourced tasks because it can empower you to do a lot of the work. By leveraging AI you can effectively automate a lot of repetitious and manual processes.   

THREE: Hone In On Your Brand And What Makes You Appealing To Fans

We are keenly aware that just diving in and “marketing” without the foundation of understanding and clarifying your brand and your voice won’t get you very far. So, as part of the foundation of this course, we will walk you through exactly how to define who you are, what makes you different, and how you can create a strong and unique brand that is clear to fans. Ariel has been working with ChatGPT Prompts to help fully flush out defined brand pillars and she will show you how.

FOUR: Define Your Fan Personas So Your Marketing Won’t Suck

After you know and define your brand you can start to look at who will be likely to resonate with you.  We will walk you through exactly how to leverage literally thousands of books, articles, and videos that have been written by multiple marketing experts all boiled down into useable actionable fan personas.  Because once you get clarity on who you are talking to your marketing game profoundly shifts.

FIVE: Monetize

Never created that merch line because you couldn’t find a good designer? Didn’t have a video editor or video director? Never got around to sending out that email nurture series because it was too overwhelming to produce? Or maybe you wanted a cool lyric video but didn’t have the extra budget for a great one? The AI tools that are available now and in the future will allow us to implement the tasks that lead to monetization which could reveal new revenue opportunities.

SIX: Create Personalized Fan Experiences 

Now that you have your brand nailed and your fans defined AI tools will help you create more meaningful connections with your fans by creating personalized experiences and communications for them. This is because you will be able to tailor your marketing and direct outreach strategy. Personalized fan experiences are an effective way to engage with your audience and build stronger relationships one person at a time. You can use AI algorithms to identify patterns and trends that appeal to each individual fan’s preferences and create more engaging and memorable experiences for both of you!

SEVEN: Gain Your Competitive Advantage

Have you ever looked at other artists who are succeeding and thought – If ONLY I had the team or the time that they have? They seem to have that advantage – when you use what we are about to teach you  – it’s obvious that we must learn and adapt as tech evolves and tools come into the market. Information is power and knowing what AI is and how best to use it for your business will give you a competitive advantage

EIGHT: Access to 2 Top Music Industry Marketers

Ariel and Aileen will be together at every session and in our private Discord between classes so you will have access to us for all 5 weeks of this curse.  Each session will end with a Q&A where you will be able to pick our brains about any and all things marketing related!

NINE: Curated Musician’s AI Toolkit

Throughout the course, we will show you the tools that we have found ti be the easiest to get started with.  However, there are literally hundreds more coming to market every day, and not every artist will like or need the same tools.  We’ve done hundreds of hours of research (and we are probably doing more as you read this right now) and testing, so we can equip you with the current tools available to become an AI marketer. The Toolkit already has dozens of tools, links, apps, and hacks and we will keep adding to it

TEN: Bonus Footage From AI Experts – Interview Series

We have found some of the best and brightest people in the business and we will be talking to them all about their deep experiences with AI. These interviews will offer a wealth of information and insights from experts in the field of AI,  giving you an even more comprehensive understanding of how AI can be used in music. Whether you’re interested in using AI to create personalized fan experiences, develop new musical tools and software, or simply learn more about this exciting field, the bonus footage from the AI experts interview series is a must-watch for any musician looking to stay ahead of the curve.

 We hope you will join us in the course … Read more here


ELEVEN: (Insert THIS ONE GOES TO 11 JOKE HERE) We put together a KILLER Webinar you can watch and learn how to save 100 hours on social media posts. 

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