It was such a pleasure catching up with Emily White, my longtime friend and an amazing force in this industry, for The Cyber PR Music Podcast. Emily is the author of two amazing books, a professor at NYU’s Clive Davis institute of Recorded Music, co-founder of Collective Entertainment, and co-founder of the non-profit #iVoted. Her experience in management and as an entrepreneur is unparalleled.

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In this episode Emily and I discuss:

  • Her new book, How To Build A Sustainable Music Career And Collect All Revenue Streams
  • Emily’s background at Collective Entertainment and her non-profit #iVoted
  • Emily’s time with The Dresden Dolls and what she learned from her work tour managing them
  • The importance of building and nurturing your email list
  • Answers to her most asked question at Clive Davis: how do I get a manager?
  • Where artists are making mistakes NOW
  • How and why you should collect data from your fans on your website
  • Why you should never pay for followers and be cautious about running ads on social media
  • Everything you need to know about Text Clubs



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Cyber PR Music Podcast Ariel Hyatt Emily White

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Cyber PR Music Podcast Ariel Hyatt Emily White


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How To Build A Sustainable Music Career And Collect All Revenue Streams

Collective Entertainment

#iVoted Concerts


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