Cyber PR LAB 8: Getting Sponsored

with Brady Sadler

Cyber PR LAB 8 has been fully updated for 2020 and is available now to binge!

Brady is a marketing exec and entrepreneur with a passion for developing creative partnerships and strategies that support business growth. He finds nothing more satisfying than working to empower individuals who are ‘in the arena’ taking risks and passionately pursuing meaningful work. If that sounds like you, or who you aspire to be, this session could be a great fit.
His insatiable appetite for all things music, fashion, pop culture and media led to co-founding 1BAND 1BRAND, a global community of creators who study the intersection of art and commerce and champion collaboration between artists and brands. He’s also the co-founder of Double Elvis Productions, the podcast company behind the hit show Disgraceland (Apple Best of 2018).

In Cyber PR LAB 8, you will get:

Your Brand Rider (aka, your new partner prospect list)

A download of Brady’s book, Collaboration is King: How Game-Changers Create Marketing Partnerships that Build Brands and Grow Businesses.

What You’ll Learn


  • A shift in mindset – the difference between a sponsorship and partnership 
  • ​The seven types of brands in today’s modern media landscape
  • Your new favorite definition of creativity and how it can help you grow your fan base and get paid


  • Getting clear on your personal brand
  • ​Taking inventory – the brands you already rep in your life
  • Brands you already rep
  • Your Brand Rider (aka, your new partner prospect list)


  • How to position the value that you can bring
  • Finding unique ins + angles
  • The Collaboration Playbook for Artists & your step-by-step guide to creative partnership development
  • Formalizing a partnership

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