Cyber PR LAB 1: Musician’s Publicity Masterclass

with Ariel Hyatt

Cyber PR LAB 1 has been fully updated for 2020 and is available now to binge!

This is LAB 1 of a 12-class series designed to powerfully transform your music career. Ariel has never before taught a Music Publicity Master Class. In this course, she breaks down everything you need to know to effectively get publicity for your music.

In this Cyber PR LAB 1, you will get:

Archived class recordings you can access forever

Access to class recording via YouTube

13 ACTION SHEETS including Ariel’s Step-By-Step Process to help you write a pitch that the media will never ignore

What You’ll Learn in Cyber PR LAB 1


  • Identify your Signature Story (the foundations of your PR)
  • How to choose a perfect image and brand to send to the media that will grab their attention
  • What music bloggers and journalists want and how to avoid mistakes when preparing to submit to get PR


  • How you choose appropriate outlets for your music to target (you may want Pitchfork but it may not be time for you yet)
  • Share and customize a PR target list just for you based on my 22 years of PR contacts
  • Put together your targets with our pitches and you will be ready to go



  • Assistance in laying out the next few months (and longer if you have new music coming) using Ariel’s tried and true PR follow up methods
  • What to do with your PR after you get it!
  • How to leverage great PR and turn it into tangible music career goals

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