As TikTok continues to rise, Instagram is adding more user-friendly features in an attempt to catch up. As you should know by now, Instagram has rolled out many new features in the past year to give creators more to work with. In their latest efforts, the Instagram Reels Visual Replies now allow you to reply to your fans in the comments section with a Reel. Instagram Reels has become the most popular feature Instagram has released and this new addition will only make them drive more engagement.

Instagram Introduces “Reels Visual Replies” 

So, what exactly is this new feature? Reels Visual Replies allows you to interact with your fans and audience in a much more engaging and connecting way. Instead of seeing a bundle of words, your fans will now see your physical and visual reaction to their comment. What makes this even more engaging is that the person’s comment to whom you are replying to will show up as a bubble in your video.

So How Does This Work?

Let’s say you just posted a Reel on your Instagram. Now let’s assume this video is about a hair product that reduces frizziness. The product you mentioned is a bit of higher value than the average income of your fanbase. One of your fans comments on your reel and asks if you could provide another similar product for lower value. Instead of just replying to your fan with the name of the product, you can choose to make a short video about it. In this example, you can create a video of yourself trying on the product, where you bought it, etc. Using this feature will make your fan feel much more valued and appreciated and will therefore continue to follow and support you.

In addition, when you hit that reply with a Reel button, their comment will appear in your video. This puts the bow on top of the fan engagement bundle Instagram created with this feature. By being able to personally send a video directed at the comment, you are allowing your fans to feel a part of the team.

reels visual replies

At the moment, it appears this feature only works with Reels, but there is reason to believe it will expand to all post types. Although this feature is similar to that on TikTok, Instagram’s integration of this feature with all post types will change the game a bit. Using this feature will help boost fan engagement and lean further into the popularity of Reels.

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