How To Get On Spotify Playlists

In the last installment of this series, we learned about Spotify insights. In this part, we will be discussing the ins and outs of Spotify playlists!


Have Your Spotify Verified:

Spotify playlist curators are more inclined to add you to their playlist if you are a verified ARTIST! Follow the steps from part one of this series to ensure you become verified.

The More Followers the Merrier:

The more followers you have, the more likely playlist curators will pay attention to you. Get all your friends, family, and fans to follow you on Spotify ASAP. Share your tracks across each social media platform.


There’s no formal submission process for Spotify playlists. Instead, they use a combination of taste, data, research, and trends to create playlists for listener. So the best way to be considered for Spotify playlists is to make your music as visible as possible. This means, maintaining an active presence on Spotify.


For more information, we highly recommend Lucie Watson’s article on the Medium that answers so many aspects of the question “How Can I Get My Song On Spotify Playlists?”

If you want to get even more in-depth with Spotify playlists, check out the full CD Baby’s Spotify Playlisting Guide. It’s packed with 14 pages of information about the ins and outs of Spotify playlists.

Make Sure Your Music Wins the Numbers Game:

Every action on Spotify is monitored. Whenever someone saves a song to their library, listens to the entire song, adds a song to their own playlist and so forth, the data is recorded. The numbers don’t lie. A track that gets skipped often after a few seconds is probably not going to be featured in a playlist.


“Every piece of data that is used on Spotify is driven by audience consumption. We’re not leading the algorithm, the algorithm is being led by the consumer.” — Austin Deboh, senior editor at Spotify.

Be Featured on Music Blogs that Fit Your Music and Your Story:

Are you a runner? Does your track have an energetic beat that could push someone to finish their last mile? Consider pitching your songs to running blogs that feature playlists for runners. People discover new music in so many different ways. Finding different avenues that fit your music will lead your listeners to check out your stuff.

Share All Spotify Playlists You’re Featured On:

If you are included on a Spotify playlist, make sure you share it to increase streams and show “thanks” to the curator.

Understand that starting small is OK!

I know you have your heart set on the New Music Friday playlist. But understand that unless you are as established as Justin Bieber or Katy Perry, the odds are against you.

The good news is, however, according to the latest statistic on states that there are over 2 billion playlists on Spotify (as of 2016). We can only imagine how much that number has grown in the past year. This means, there are over 2 billion opportunities for you to be featured on a playlist.

Moon Taxi – See, Starting Small Works!

Let’s take a look at the journey of Moon Taxi. Moon Taxi currently has over 5 million listeners on Spotify at the moment. Recently, they were added on top one of Spotify’s most coveted playlists Pop Rising. Pop Rising claims to pick pop songs that are predicted to be “the next big thing” before they become big. This description makes listeners think that these artists are probably fresh and new. Moon Taxi, however, has been on Spotify since 2012. That’s right. One of Spotify’s “on the rise” artists have been around on the platform for 5 years.


Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 10.57.31 AM


What playlists were Moon Taxi featured on before Pop Rising?

1.Allie Plummer’s Playlist in 2013

Number of followers: 10

10 followers. Count ‘em. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 11.05.16 AM

2.Jessica Knotts’ Playlist in 2016

Number of followers: 112

Sometimes a fan of your music could put your music on their own personal playlist. It’s not a million followers…but that’s where they started.

Before Jessica’s playlist? They were in their OWN playlist

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 11.04.19 AM

3. Moon Taxi’s Daybreaker Mix in 2015

Number of followers: 1,210

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 11.02.00 AM

Moon Taxi is enjoying quite a bit of success these days, but it didn’t happen overnight. Sometimes the best way to guarantee your placement on an official Spotify playlist in the future is to focus on the NOW. Focus on your own playlists that YOU create as well as the playlists that your FANS create.


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