Here are two ways to practice gratitude and success that will have a positive impact on your long-term music career.

This week in the U.S. we are celebrating Thanksgiving! No matter how busy things can get, I like to make sure I take time to remember what I am thankful for.

In a tough music economy where you’re getting paid $0.00298665 per stream and everything can feel wildly overwhelming, gratitude can be hard to conjure and getting into a gratitude practice can feel nearly impossible. I have two remedies for this – even one for those of you who think gratitude may feel a little too “woo-woo” 😉

Your Gratitude Practice:

If you are interested in implementing a little more gratitude into your life, it’s quite simple.

Every morning when you wake up or before you go to bed at night, write down 10 things you’re thankful for – no matter how small! It’s important you proceed each gratitude with “I’m grateful for…”

It can be a cup of coffee, the fact that your cat slept at the foot of your bed, or that lyric that popped into your head at the most unexpected time that gave you divine inspiration for your next song.

Here Are the Things I’m in Gratitude For:

I’m grateful for…

  1. Music.
  2. The artists I know who make music.
  3. Having a long career in the music business.
  4. My colleagues and friends who work in, for, and around music.
  5. Our community who are all trying to go forward and figure it out together.
  6. The boatloads of female entrepreneurs who are rising up and claiming their power in music and many other fields.
  7. The men who support us along the way and don’t feel threatened by our successes.
  8. My 14 year old cat, Hunter, who continues to bring joy to my life daily.
  9. All of YOUR support and commitment over the years.
  10. Your expressions of gratitude allowing me to reflect on the people I have helped.


Your 5 Successes Each Day

This is an excerpt from my book, Music Success In 9 Weeks, and if you’ve been following me for some time this will not be new, but I think it’s a great refresher.

It’s also the less “woo-woo” version 🙂

I’m inviting you to write down five little victories a day, starting this Thanksgiving week, and I encourage you to keep up this practice for as long as possible, for the next year.

Years ago, I learned this powerful technique from T. Harv Eker, author of the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

The Practice: Write down 5 positive things you do every single day. Once you start getting into this habit, you are training yourself to put the focus on the positive and get your mind to stop being so self-critical.

So grab a notebook, and write down your 5 successes each day. The key is to go back and read them frequently to remind yourself that you can achieve major goals when you look at things from a positive context.

Make at least 1 or 2 of them music career related.

Here Are Some Daily Successes:

1. Went to gym.

2. Started writing lyrics to that song I’ve been thinking about.

3. Called 3 clubs for potential bookings.

4. Did laundry.

5. Reached out to a music blogger who will love my music.

6. Made dinner for my boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/kids.

7. Posted on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

When I look at the thousands of artists I know, it’s the ones who have not lost sight of what they are grateful for, even in times of reinvention and disruption in this business, who stay even-keeled and move forward despite the new rules and challenges – it’s you who help me to remain committed and inspired.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

If you feel inspired by this post and you want to take a deeper dive into a goal-setting mindset, I encourage you to listen to my podcast.

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