Ariel Was Recently A Guest on Bandzoogles Webinar – How to Successfully Generate Your Own PR

Hundreds of artists from around the world joined me and Dave Cool, Vice President of Business Development at Bandzoogle and a dear friend and champion for Cyber PR since 2012. We dove right in to discuss how to mange your very own PR campaign soup to nuts. 

Here’s the breakdown of the webinar:

Step 1: Get Ready For Publicity

We started with a harrowing PR statistic that every musicians who is trying to do PR should understand. 

In this Step we cover:

What writers like to see from artists vs. what drives them crazy and will make them delete your pitch.

The key difference between a bio and a pitch – they are not the same

How to add feelings and values to your PR pitch and why this will separate you from the pack

Understand when to use a Press Release (and when not to) !

What to include in your Digital Press Kit so the media will be ready for you and Bandzoogle’s top blog post to help

Bandzoogle webinar Cyber PR

Step 2: Prepare Your Media List & Pitch Strategy

Exact outlets where you can find the perfect targets for you 

How to strategize for pitching a music video 

How to strategize radio airplay and get on radio stations that will pay attention to you

The exact pitching model that our publicists use at Cyber PR to get features for our artists


Step 3: Your PR Timeline & Sharing Successes

Planning for single vs. EP vs video releases and how wo continuously stay in front of the media to keep building your story and brand.

Understanding how much time a long lead magazine needs vs a daily paper or a blog – all of these media outlets function with different deadlines

What to do with your PR after you receive it – This is something most musicians don’t even know to do

How to leverage PR that you receive to catapult you closer to your personal goals in the music industry

At the end of the webinar Ariel stuck around to answer some excellent questions from the Bandzoogle artists in attendance. These alone are worth the price of admission.  Oh WAIT a minute…. admission is free – come join us on the replay.


So what are you waiting for?  Come sign up and start watching this webinar replay right now!

bandzoogle Cyber PR Webinar

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