Musician website building platform Bandzoogle and on-demand printing service Printful have recently teamed up to facilitate artists with their merchandise production and sale. This integration enables users to avail a new direct-to-fan option from the commission-free sales tools.

“Our mandate is to help artists generate revenue for their careers by monetizing their websites. Merch sales have been the biggest group of sales items for our members, and print-on-demand offers another great option for artists to sell merch directly to their fans with no upfront costs, and no inventory to store.”Stacey Bedford, CEO at Bandzoogle

How Does It Work?

Bandzoogle pro plan members can now easily create items at Printful, then connect their Bandzoogle store to sell customized print-on-demand merchandise products directly to their fans from the website. Bands/artists can pick from over 200 custom merch items available through Printful to display on their Bandzoogle website alongside their other music and merch offerings, and fans can directly buy their favorite items from the website.

Once the artists have set up their Printful accounts with merch, they need to add the API key to the Printful tab in the Bandzoogle store. This will import their Printful items, giving them the access to add any of them as products, directly into the store.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

How Will This Bandzoogle & Print-ful Integration Benefit Musicians?

Free Of Investment and Inventory

The advent of this direct-to-fan tool will keep the tension of affording upfront fees and managing inventory at bay. With print-on-demand production, a merch item is only printed when a fan orders it.

No Monthly Fees And Minimum Amounts

There is no issue of ordering minimum amounts or bearing monthly fees. Indeed, this integration should be a great relief for the musicians, especially those from the independent territory. Plus, Bandzoogle doesn’t take any commission on artists’ sales. Musicians only pay Printful when a fan buys an item from the store.

Hassle-Free Merch Creation And Delivery

Printful lets artists make custom printed or embroidered products on-demand, choosing from over 200 items (from clothes to printed materials and accessories to home and living products). When a fan places an order, Printful then fulfills and ships the order on behalf of the artists.

Seamless Integration Into Bandzoogle Site

Integrating impeccably into users’ Bandzoogle store alongside other music and merch, Printful gives musicians a comfortable and user-friendly environment to access this print-on-demand feature.

In this Covid-19-ridden world, selling merch has undoubtedly become the key earning source for the musicians. And this integration has blessed the musicians with a new resource to sort out their merch creation and sale.

Check the video below to have further insights into this collaboration.

You may also check Bandzoogle’s Music Publicity Webinar, where Cyber PR President Ariel Hyatt was a guest.

Bandzoogle’s Product Bundling Service

In addition to using Printful to create merch, Bandzoogle is opening up its services to bundle and distribute merch. Using their Selling Tools, you can add merch bundles on Bandzoogle and make a profit without having any revenue splits with the company.

For more information on how to set up a bundle service, click here.

What Can You Bundle?

The cool thing about this feature is you can bundle and sell both physical and digital products! In order to make a bundle, you must have at least 2 products ready to be merged. You can bundle anything from physical products, Printful print on-demand products, and digital files to tickets, handwritten lyrics, and house concerts. Bandzoogle also tracks your inventory so customers (and you) know when something is low or out of stock.

Reporting to Soundscan

In order to get your sales accounted for, they have to be reported to Soundscan. However, Soundscan has some very big limitations on what qualifies as a sale. Unfortunately, any albums that are bundled with merch products (tickets, shirts, etc.) will not be accounted for. However, if bundling different formats of the album, Soundscan will count that towards a sale. Only physical album sales (such as CD or vinyl) will be counted and the bundle may only be counted as 1 sale even if the formats are different (for example a digital download and a CD bundle will only have the CD counted).

Why Use Bundles?

Bundles are an EXCELLENT way of getting fans’ attention. You can use a bundle to sell product in a more innovative way. You can also use it to create a crowdfunding campaign. Watch this video for more information on Bandzoogle’s crowdfunding capabilities. You can also create bundles to bring back earlier releases. Or maybe you want to just keep the fans satisfied and offer them discounted rates for the bundles. Bandzoogle is a great source to bundle if you don’t want the hassle or longevity other platforms such as Patreon or Kickstarter have.

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