I designed this Musicians Reset Exercise to help you end the year (or today) in the most powerful way possible.

For some of us, it’s been a strange year (I’m talking about myself here)  and I hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and feeling positive.

If it has been challenging in any way, I hope that you can enjoy some downtime and if it feels right – Reset.

I have created this little reset exercise to help you take stock of the good

This is designed to help you take a step back, take stock of your success, and remember the good moments of this past year.

If you are already planning for new goals and releases (who are we kidding we are now in a state where we are ALWAYS planning new releases it seems), that’s exciting, but first – I invite you to pause, take a  few deeps breaths, and reflect on the moments that you are proud of – no matter how small – and acknowledge yourself for them. With pandemic PTSD and bad news in abundance also take a moment to forgive yourself if you didn’t achieve what you wanted to. Going easy on yourself is the key here.

Think about this…

  • What, in the last year, are you most proud of overall?

  • What, in the last year, are you most proud of in your music career?

  • Did you set out to achieve something, but perhaps you missed your mark?

  • What wonderful things happened?

  • What unexpected things happened?

Let’s take stock. Shall We?

Here’s a reset exercise that you can quickly do – or take your time if you have a lot to process – to help yourself reflect on the year that’s almost behind us and set yourself up for the new year ahead. 

Grab a pen and paper or open a new fresh doc and write/ type:

Musician’s Reset Exercise

Write each step on a new sheet of paper or new page

STEP 1: Write 10- 12 Positive Things

We are going to start with the positivity to train your brain to remember the good things, the momenta that made you happy, and the good stuff we often gloss over while we are thinking about all the bad or worries or anxiety-provoking things – try to write least 10 (if you can write more do it!) I find looking back through your calendar for last year can be helpful.  Go month-by-month and find at least one thing that happened in each that is positive.

For each one, write WHY you are happy/proud of this or what it made you feel good to explain it to your subconscious.

STEP 2: A Few Of Your Not So Favorite Things

Yes – it happened to us all. Write about the things that slowed you down or stopped you. Maybe it was a recurring behavior you want to change.
Write what you want to clear out of your head. If you are holding on to the things you “should” have done, or regretting the things you didn’t get to, or the things you might have done wrong or maybe there’s a behavior pattern you don’t love…but don’t dwell too long here

Notice I’m not assigning you 10 here – the amount is up to you. It can be ONE thing. 

But here’s the catch – you must write MORE positive than negative things! So if you have 12 on STEP 1 and STEP 2 tally up to 14 go back and add 3 more to STEP 1.

Bonus: If you already have some perspective on this: write what you learned from these things.

Now…It’s time to forgive yourself so that you can start the new year (or tomorrow) with a clean slate.

STEP 3: Write Down 10 Things (or more) That You’re Grateful For

Go back and look at all the things in STEP 1 – Can they be written as gratitudes if you put them down. These can be as small as coffee in the mornings or as big as your child, partner or mom.
I believe that when we come from a place of gratitude, our creativity can flow in a much more productive way. And again say why:
I’m grateful for__________________ Because___________________ (Do This at least 10X!)

It’s helpful to write “I’m grateful for…” over and over as you are making a connection with your brain to see and process.

STEP 4: Tear Out Of Your Notebook Or Print Out STEPS 1 & 3

Hang them or tuck them where you can easily revisit them whenever you need to remind yourself of the positive and good things you are capable of generating.
Display in your office, studio, or next to your bed.
If you are not into posting or this makes you feel too woo–woo, or maybe it’s private that’s okay too – place them in the back of a journal or an envelope.

 Store it somewhere where you can read these often. This is yourself in your highest reminding you of what can be positive and GOOD when you most want or need positive messaging (with this election year coming up you won’t see a lot of positive messaging around!) 

STEP 5: Print Out STEP 2 And get RID of it!  

A few suggestions:


Mail to:

Santa Claus, North Pole


Or tear it into tiny pieces and put it in the trash.


Or burn them in the fireplace, or have a personal firepit or bonfire


I wish you a safe and happy new year filled with love, success, and going easy on yourself.

And here’s to an Even Better Year Ahead!

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