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Cyber PR is an artist development and marketing strategy firm serving musicians and music-related brands.

We create long-term marketing plans called Total Tuneups, coach artists through the new music business and handle social media posting and growth strategy.

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We are the only Music PR firm who offers complete transparency. Through your password protected online dashboard you will see in REAL TIME exactly who we are pitching every single day. You will never wait for a report from us or wonder what we are doing, you will know.

Musician’s Total Tuneup

A Total Tuneup is a personalized artist development plan. Our process comes from 20+ years of working with musicians and observing those who build sustainable careers vs. those who get overwhelmed, make rash decisions, and burn out.

Community Management

We know, Social media posting day in and day out is a grind. We will ease the day-to-day pain by helping you to identify the right content that will resonate deeply with your fans and we will coach you or post for you (depending on your needs and budget). We cover all platforms plus we write killer email newsletters.


Working with Ariel & Kayla is like getting to work with a combination of mentor, business advisor, and good friend. Ariel knows how to immediately get to the heart of the project, and they dive into the work, head first! I feel inspired by their energy.

Meghan Swartz

Cyber PR has unlocked the mystery of how to apply our music online. They’ve created a one year plan for us that is easy to apply, purposeful, and professional. They assessed our strengths and weaknesses, and gave real, usable remedies.


From the very beginning and to the end of my campaign, I was blown away by the effectiveness, professionalism, follow through and results. In a music business defined by rapid change, Cyber PR nailed it. I couldn’t be happier, and highly recommend them.

Jeff Oster


Voted Top 10 Music PR Firm


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