We are excited to be hosting a cyber PR Q&A. This is your chance to ask us anything in an intimate and candid one-hour Hangout!

When I was planning this, I got to think about the number 7 because it represents the pure spirit of the great explorer. Seven stands for change, evolution, and completed cycles. It embodies insight, intuition, truth, and intellect. And also


But I digress…..

I’m looking for a few new artists to add to our client roster, and if you are ready to explore what working with me and my extraordinary team might look like, I’m inviting you to an open office hour Q&A


I’ll introduce you to two of my excellent team members, both working musicians and producers. We will discuss what it takes to succeed in the music business.

Have you ever had any of these 7 challenges?

1. You released music and couldn’t get it to enough ears.
2. You released music and never monetized any of it.
3. You’re posting on socials, but your audience is not growing, and no one seems to care.
4. You feel overwhelmed by all the stuff you have to do when you only want to make music and stay in your creative zone
5. You became a bit too focused on things that didn’t really help your music (Spotify numbers or video counts – I’m looking at you)
6. You have struggled to find and connect with real fans who keep coming back for more
7. You are suffering from  or on the verge of burnout because you are exhausted from all these tasks that are not yielding palpable results

Here’s The Thing…

Great music that you are proud of is the starting point. Your planning and your team will help you gain momentum and achieve your goals, no matter what they are.
My kick-ass team of brilliant musician strategists and I have spent decades learning and testing, and we’ve found a few things (okay, we’ve found 7 things 😜)
  1. Without a plan, you will spend a lot of time in stress mode, reacting and focusing on the wrong things.
  2. After great music, all results start with a solid, defined brand that is comprehensible and appealing to your ideal fans.
  3. Mindset is the foundation, and it’s hard to have a positive and robust mindset if you feel lost, overwhelmed, and unsure of the brand and its fans.
  4. There are several “right” ways to market music these days, and there’s absolutely no one-size-fits-all solution. This is why many solutions and group programs may not work for you
  5. Every musician has a different reason for wanting to create art and personal goals and measures of success – yet few have honed in on and defined what this is or will look like (despite feeling like you are spinning your proverbial wheels)
  6. Most artists have not taken the time to define their own personal (and subliminal) brand pillars and their fan personas – without these, you are trying to market to the entire planet, and this will be ineffective
  7. DIY should never be about doing it alone. This success in the music game takes a village.
Join Us for a candid conversation about what works and what doesn’t, and get some feedback.

Mecca, Liana & Ariel Will BE on This Call!

Cyber PR Q&A Mecca

Cyber PR Q&A – 7 Things to Know About Mecca

  • Veteran of the Underground: MeccaGodZilla honed his skills as a producer, MC, and indie label assistant, rising through the ranks of the underground scene of NYC as a former member of MF DOOM’s Monsta Island Czars.
  • Boundless Beatmaker: MeccaGodZilla shatters genre limitations, crafting unique soundscapes that fuel collaborations across the globe. Whether it’s with artists in Tokyo, Uzbekistan or working with brands like A|X, NIKE, or Capcom, his beats spark creativity and connection.
  • Lyrical Alchemist: Wordplay, alliteration, and metaphor are MeccaGodZilla’s tools of choice. He weaves socially conscious messages into his music, sparking thought and discussion.
  • Global Hip Hop Fusionist: MeccaGodZilla is an official United States cultural ambassador of Hip Hop, fostering a global musical perspective through residencies in Uzbekistan, Niger, and Nepal. His work promotes creative collaboration, conflict resolution, and community building across borders.
  • Independent Powerhouse: MeccaGodZilla navigates the music industry outside the mainstream, carving his path with self-reliance and success.
  • Community Catalyst & Advocate: More than just inspiring artists, MeccaGodZilla champions creative expression for all. From building a Hip Hop Union to collaborating with plant-based activists on a global scale, he uses his voice to empower others and address issues that matter to the international human family.
  • Capable Coach: Our artist clients have told Ariel that Mecca is one of the kindest and calmest coaches they have ever worked with.

Cyber PR Q&A Liana

Cyber PR Q&A – 7 Things to Know About Liana

  • Studio Mastermind: As the Owner and Manager of Raccoon Point Studios since 2014, I’ve turned it into a hub of creativity, blending cutting-edge tech with flawless workflow for an unbeatable recording experience.
  • Digital Visionary: At Cyber PR, I create standout content strategies, boosting brand visibility and engagement while collaborating with artists to produce unique, brand-aligned material.
  • Seasoned Performer: As Leiana, I recorded and released three albums, conducted extensive tours across the US, UK, and Japan, and executed successful promotional campaigns. I am currently in The One2s.
  • Marketing Maestro: With a deep understanding of Social Media Promotion, Digital Marketing, and Creative Strategy, I amplify artist visibility and drive impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with audiences.
  • Education Enthusiast: Pursuing a Master’s in Music Business from Berklee College of Music, constantly honing my strategic skills to make a bigger splash in the industry.
  • Versatile Virtuoso: From singing and bass playing to audio engineering and live performance, I bring a dynamic and multifaceted approach to every project.
  • Collaboration Catalyst: With a knack for building strong industry relationships, I create opportunities and foster growth for artists through innovative marketing and strategic partnerships.

Cyber PR Q&A - Ariel

Cyber PR Q&A – 7 Things to Know About Ariel 

  • Music Fanatic: Lifelong passion for music, raised in a creative New York City household with a documentary producer father who made films about artists and a pioneering author mother who wrote books to empower women and help people through tough transitions
  • Industry Expert: Nearly three decades of experience guiding countless artists to success through innovative strategies and deep industry knowledge
  • Empathetic Educator: I combine mindset coaching with tactical planning. I love deeply connecting with my clients to figure out how we can shift their mindsets and make things happen.
  • System Junkie: Author of 6 books on publicity, marketing, and crowdfunding and creator of Total Tuneups & Cyber PR, providing musicians with comprehensive, long-term marketing plans to gain traction and sustain momentum.
  • Global Speaker: Shared insights at over 70 conferences in 13 countries, empowering over 100,000 creative entrepreneurs worldwide. I love breaking down what feels complicated in easy-to-digest presentations.
  • Tech Adopter: Explores new tools and methods, including how AI can help indie artists stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape that demands way too much of your time and attention outside of making music.
  • Powerful Connector: Champions micro-networking and building bridges, focusing on building fanbases through meaningful one-on-one connections inspired by my curiosity about people and what makes us all tick!
Spaces are limited and this is for serious artists ready to explore the possibilities of working with us.
We look forward to seeing you on the call!


I don’t need a Q&A I want to set up a private call ASAP!

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