Getting on Amazon’s curated playlists can seem daunting and unattainable. Amazon Music saw the hesitation began working towards a new creation. Thus comes the Pitch Tool. The Pitch Tool is here to generate a new pathways for indie artists and musicians to pitch to Amazon playlists far easier. We’re here to guide you and break down what the new tool is and how to use it.

What Is The New Pitch Tool? 

The new pitch tool is a new feature that makes the pitching to Amazon Music process as easy and transparent as possible. When you submit a song for playlisting, you can do it directly in the Amazon for Artists app. Your playlist submission goes directly into the hands of Amazon playlist curators. If accepted, Amazon’s editorial team will playlist your song with the genre or mood it matches most.

What Are The Benefits Of Song Pitching?

You may not want to put in the work that pitching a song to the editorial team takes if you’re unaware of the benefits. Although it can be tiresome and difficult to create a good, swift pitch, the benefits of submitting a pitch outweigh the difficulty tremendously. A great addition to pitching for consideration with Amazon for artists comes from the notifications Amazon sends out to your fans and followers. Notifications include:

  • activity posts on their feed in the Amazon for Music app
  • mobile push notifications to their smartphone
  • alerts and prompts from Alexa if they request to listen to your music

pitching notifications pitching notifications 2

How To Pitch Your Music To Amazon Playlists

Amazon is making the feature as easy as possible to navigate, making pitching a few simple steps. It is important to note here that only one song submission is allowed. So, if you have an EP or album, you should make sure to have a single song picked out and ready to submit. Once you have a song ready to go, you’ll have to describe what the song is about and why listeners would like the song. You’ll also want to include the genre and lyrics if your song has any. In addition to these requirements, you will also have to provide a marketing plan that will help promote your new release. You will also have the option to provide more information about your song such as:

  • which artists you would name-drop when describing your song’s sound
  • where your biggest fan base is
  • what the song’s vibes are
  • what labels you would use to categorize your track

There is also a set time frame for eligible submissions. Submitting your new, unreleased song for playlist evaluation must occur 14 days or fewer after the official release day.

What Is Eligible?

Before you submit your song for consideration, make sure it is eligible to go through the process. In order for your music to be considered for playlist placement, you have to make sure these 4 criteria are met:

  • new, never released before, music
  • one track per release whether your music coming out is a single, EP, or album
  • distributed to Amazon Music with streaming rights
  • must submit the pitch a maximum of 14 days after the release date

amazon pitching

This new pitch tool is an amazing feature that dedicates its easy navigation to reduce stress on indie artists and musicians. With pitching becoming so much easier on the app, now is the time to take advantage of promoting your newest releases and pitch your work!

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