Instagram can be scary with all its different creative features. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to know what’s performing now and ride with the trend waves. Today, we’re going to make it easier for you and discuss the content that’s performing RIGHT NOW!

What Instagram Content Is Currently Getting Engagement?

As we all know by now, Reels are the highest performing feature Instagram has to offer. It is clear to say that the content that continuously gets engagement are Reels. We can make Reels with very surprising or shocking hooks in order to lock in your audience. A big trend is also in behind-the-scenes Reels. These kinds of reels are the kind that share lyrical meaning, attachment to a story, or any other pieces of the puzzle of the song.

instagram content: reels

You also want to keep your videos in a condensed, beautifully packaged manner. Why concise? Peoples’ attention spans are getting shorter and shorter which means we need to get out all the most important information in as little time as possible. However, just because we’re rushing doesn’t mean we have to be messy. We want it to tell a compelling story and match your brand. If you can get your videos to perform in a short, lovely manner, then you’ll see this content get much more engagement.

Lastly, you’ll want to get some content that is shareable. Anything that can be shared should be. They are great conversation starters. If you have Instagram content that’s also current, share that with your niche. Any news that are up to date are good to share, especially with a group of people who will also benefit from your educative video. You could also go the comical route and post memes, pop culture moments, or move scenes that can still loosely relate to your story and brand.

If A Content Isn’t Performing Well, What Do You Do?

It’s a constant experiment, your content can be performing one month and flatlining by the next. If your content isn’t performing anymore, tweak what isn’t working. Figure out what isn’t working and apply that change to the next post. If you have the time, it might also be wise to go line by line and see either where you might’ve gone wrong or what can bring in more engagement. Another option you have is going to your stories and make a series about it through different outlets. You can post polls, Q&As, CTA’s, whatever gets you to engage with your audience. Just remember, trying a new content and it not performing is not the end all be all. Try it again with different barriers or different media formats. Don’t stress about the numbers. Stressing could lead to obsessing and not all kinds of engagement are best measured in numbers. For example, you might not get many likes on a photo, but maybe you got a lot of sales on the product. It’s trial and error, and it’s constantly changing.

Are There Any Good Tricks To Apply?

Hook! We cannot stress this enough. It’s all about the hook! You want to get their attention right off the bat, but you also want to keep their attention on you. If you’re making a product, it could be wise to start your video with the finished product. No one is going to want to sit through a video without knowing what it is they’re making. If you’re posting photos, it doesn’t count to just have something pretty. Now, it has to be meaningful and shareable. The biggest thing you can do for increasing engagement is to just be straightforward. This is the path not often taken because many people are afraid to have a direct conversation with their audience. It is your job to start the conversation. When you tell them what to do, they will be more inclined to do it.

instagram content - hooks

When Do You Decide To Change Your Instagram Content?

First, it is important to note that it can take 3-4 months to really tell if something is or is not working. Track your metrics week by week in order to stay on top of the ever-changing trends. This will allow you to move with the trend and always stay on top. Once you see those numbers start to drop, you know there’s something that needs to change. Something good to keep in mind is the 80/20 rule. This rule states that you should continue to post 80% of the time content that proves time and time again that it works. Meanwhile, 20% of your content strategy can be dedicated towards experimenting. You can post something new once a week, but the bulk of your strategy relies on what is effective.

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