Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the lovely Jen Edds on her podcast, The Brassy Broad.

In our discussion, I talk about some of the things that hold us back from success, the importance of curating and telling our signature stories, and how having an email list can empower you.

Here are some of the topics we chatted about on the show,

  • Growing up the daughter of an entrepreneur mother and filmmaker father
  • How dyslexia helped her learn ways to make complicated ideas simple
  • The 3 things that hold us back from success
  • The importance of your Signature Story – what it should and should not include
  • Why you don’t need to jump on the latest social media platform
  • Why your newsletter is critical to your success
  • The value of mentors that teach us what not to do
  • Why you always give your best
  • Crowd Funding Coaching

Listen here

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