As 2022 comes to an end, we are happy to share some of our clients’ best press hits of the year! Independent artists come to us with hopes of gaining publicity, and we are incredibly proud with the results we give them. With our hundreds of contacts and pitches, our clients are able to conclude their year with amazing reviews and placements for their music. Today we’re sharing our best hits of 2022!

Introducing Our Best Press Hits Of 2022!

Emily + Shawn’s “Mama Told Me”

“Throughout the song ‘Mama Told Me,’ there is almost no boring empty space, every side of the song is presented with crisp and comfortable musicality to enjoy, melodious riffs along with sound that we can’t resist. We easily fall in love with the Emily + Shawn duo through this song.”


Lenni Revel “Annabelle”

“Boldly straddling the line between alt-country and indie-rock, the hard-hitting and emotionally unflinching track from the Sonoma singer-songwriter’s upcoming album Unbroken is about a girl lost in her head, numb to the world, and barely staying afloat with her looks and charm. The story swings into overdrive as the song’s dramatic arrangement sways and swells until climaxing theatrically, finally crashing into an uneasy and haunting ending.”


Elizabeth P.W. The Company You Keep

The Company You Keep is a wonderfully realized album from a songwriter who clearly knows what she’s doing. The musical composition are spot on but what really makes this album special is how much of herself Elizabeth has put into it. The vulnerability she shows in its lyrics make her story feeling utterly relatable.”

York Calling

New Potato Caboose It Ain’t a Thing

It Ain’t a Thing, a compilation of 10 songs, some new, some old favorites, and some unreleased gems. The sound is a clear arc of their career with a clear influence from The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, and Crosby Stills and Nash. The concept of the album came in the middle of a recent concert, when a set went so well that each member of the band had the same “aha” moment.”

The Grateful Web

Reed Mitchell “I’m On Fire”

‘I’m On Fire‘ has an unapologetically youthful, yet carefree energy. The song features a strong authentic musical voice and showcases a gritty sound that we naturally find interesting.”

Lost in the Nordics

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Cyber PR Press Hits 2022


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