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About Auvic

Auvic first fell in love with Electronic Music when his ears were introduced to Daft Punk. He has worshipped them ever since. After studying at Berklee College of Music, Auvic released a full length album. His music is familiar to the gaming scene. He is a powerful storyteller, manipulating the melody to bring the listener on a journey.

When Auvic first came to us, he was looking to release two new singles but didn’t know how to get them out there. Our PR Campaign was perfect for him.


What Auvic wrote when he contacted us

My current goal at this time is to spread the word and build up a dedicated fanbase; not only by pushing the music, but the ideas and themes behind the releases and my brand. I’m particularly interested in fans that are interested in ideas.


Auvic before he came to Cyber PR for his PR Campaign

Before coming to Cyber PR, Auvic wanted to get his music heard and talked about on the online music blog scene. He had two singles being released, “Embers Inside” and “Inspire.” He didn’t know how to pitch or who to reach out to.


The process we guided Auvic through


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Cyber PR Press Hits 2022



Before we start pitching, we need to know everything about the artist. This part of the process involves an in-depth questionnaire where we get to know you. Questions include your bio, your influences, the songs we’ll be pitching, a little bit about the meaning behind song, the genre, the instruments, anyone who worked on it, etc. We try to find a little nugget of gold – much like in our Signature Stories – that will help us craft the perfect pitch.


Writing & Research

After receiving the Foundations, Auvic’s PR manager listens to the music and gets to work. We will craft multiple pitches for different types of outlets. We will then dive into our huge online database of blogs and find outlets that fit the music and artist best. We will also search for new blogs to possibly pitch to and create a relationship with – especially if they have a niche that your pitch would be perfect for. We make sure to take a look at the kinds of artists being shared on each blog so that it’s clear your music would fit right in.


Pitching & the Dashboard

Now it’s time to get to work! Auvic’s PR manager starts sending the pitch out to outlets. Artists can track all of their pitching in our online Dashboard. Everything is updated in real-time, so you will see exactly who we are pitching, when, and their response. We even track follow-ups so you know that we are always on it!


Wrap Up Report

Auvic’s campaign lasted X weeks. At the end of the campaign, we compile all of your PR wins into one document, with links as well as screenshots of your features and social media shoutouts from each outlet. We include anything that was confirmed but has not gone live yet.


Auvic’s successes:

  • “Inspire” was featured on multiple outlets, including Aesthetic Magazine
  • “Embers Inside” was also featured in many outlets, including Independent Artist Buzz
  • “Embers Inside” was added to dozens of Spotify/Soundcloud Playlists
  • “Embers Inside” got Radio play on Nam-Radio
  • Auvic gained 500+ Soundcloud followers
  • Auvic gained 13k+ Spotify Monthly Listeners


Before & After Auvic’s PR Campaign

pr campaign pr campaign pr campaign



We asked Auvic a few questions about his PR Campaign with us and how it impacted his artistry. Here’s what he said:
What part about working with Cyber PR did you like the most?

As with any firm, label, or company, I require those who seek to understand my work and choose to adapt; working together rather than working for. I enjoyed Cyber PR’s continuous discussions and updates for me, because I knew my vision was respected.

Why was the Dashboard helpful during your PR Campaign?

With any campaign, written updates and feedback is paramount to understanding progress rather than being blind to the results (however small or big). The Dashboard is convenient, to which I found myself checking as consistently as I do with Spotify for Artists or Soundcloud Pulse.

What would you say to other artists looking to hire Cyber PR for a PR Campaign?

As with any decision that would advance one’s career, the artist would have to make an educated choice, believing that a PR Firm would be beneficial according to their career goals. If one has the resources to outsource that aspect of their career advancement, then Cyber PR should be an excellent choice to tailor to the artist’s needs.

You’ve had some pretty big success in your career, how do you think working with Cyber PR has helped overall?

I believe working with Cyber PR helped me ground my brand’s presentation in its foundations, which is often overlooked (I was quite guilty of that)

You also went through the TTU process with us. What are the three main things the TTU has taught you?

1. Perspective from the consumer’s standpoint via social media
2. Consumer convenience is essential (ease of access to your content)
3. To be mindful of every aspect of the industry (the Cyber PR Venn diagram is something I reference quite often)


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