Podcaster Yann Ilunga is someone I adore and admire.  A few years ago he had me as a guest on his fantastic Jazz Spotlight Podcast, and the advice in this podcast is still very relevant.

We discuss how having a newsletter is a must for every musician. Yes, a newsletter is still crucial.

I have recently also been talking about email nurturing which is also important.

Come listen to the podcast for insight on how to launch and manage a successful email list!

The Jazz Spotlight Podcast Covers

  • Why having an email list is a MUST for musicians

  • Different lead magnets you can give your fans in exchange for their email address

  • The tools you can use to launch and manage your email list

  • The best days and times to send your newsletter

  • What to think about when writing the subject line of your emails

  • Ariel’s tips on how to engage your tribe

  • How to monetize through your email list

And thanks Yann and the Jazz Spotlight for the invitation.

Organizing Your Newsletters is part of your Social and marketing strategy. Download my SMM Organizer to get started!

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