Ariel Hyatt Interviews Cheryl B. Englehardt

Email newsletters and email nurture series are not the sexiest part of your strategy, however, they are one of the most crucial. Whenever you see an artist who has managed to raise a lot of money with crowdfunding or Patreon the reason is always that they have an active email list.

Many times when I ask artists about their newsletter strategy they slump into their chairs and look at me side-eyed.  I get it, email kinda sucks – that is until you realize how powerful they are.

The foremost expert in our space for this subject is Cheryl B Engelhardt.

A note about this interview – Cheryl repeatedly says “don’t send a newsletter” what she means by this is don’t bore your audience (think how many times you have received an email with the subject line “November Newsletter” or “Insert Artist Name – Monthly Newsletter” You still should send emails regularly and consistently and as she says – take them on a journey.

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