Many of us are struggling with balancing our new roles of teacher, full-time chef, and constant housekeeper, on top of whatever you do to earn money. Managing stress during Covid-19 is something that many of us also need to add to our to-do list.

“In a 2018 study from the Music Industry Research Association, 50 percent of musicians reported battling symptoms of depression, compared with less than 25 percent of the general adult population. Nearly 12 percent reported having suicidal thoughts — nearly four times the general population.” – Rolling Stone

Ariel had this stress and anxiety conversation with her dear friend Suz (The Rock/Star Advocate). Suz is her go-to in the business for all things mental health-related, as she is exceptional at keeping things in perspective and providing coping tools.

And so they decided to open up the conversation and have it with YOU!


managing stress during covid19

Suz is a mindset coach for music industry professionals looking to gain clarity on their goals & find a better work/life balance. She designs custom time management systems and helps her clients implement new routines. These create more freedom & balance in their daily lives. Suz believes you don’t have to sacrifice your health, your relationships, or every hour of your day to succeed in music. She believes it’s time to #RedefineTheHustle and find success with less suffering.

In this video Suz and I discuss:

  • Dealing with stress during a time without live music

  • Making music as a stress reliever rather than thinking of it as work

  • How to use this time to make deeper connections with your fans

  • Remotely collaborating with friends and other musicians

  • Tools you can use to continue making connections while remaining socially distant

In this Q&A Ariel Hyatt, founder of Cyber PR is joined by Suz Paulinski, founder of The Rock/Star Advocate to discuss management tips for those who are suffering with stress and anxiety. during For some the Covid-19 pandemic has been a time of rejuvenation. For some it’s been a chance to reconnect with family. For others, however, it’s been difficult to adapt to a new way of living during quarantine. It has been especially hardwhile having to face a multitude of emotions that result from the unknown.

The uncertainty has made a large impact on musicians particularly, especially those who make their living from performing music live, touring, and gigging. Because of this new barrier, it is natural to find yourself confronted with stress and anxiety. With Suz’s years of experience as a mindset coach for music industry professionals, she shares some great advice for musicians who feel lost during this time, and offers useful ways to cope with and channel those feelings.

To Alleviate Stress Take Time to Grieve

To begin, Ariel and Suz discuss how people have been grieving during this pandemic, whether it be grieving loved ones or grieving their old lives prior to quarantine. Although many of these feelings can be new and strange to us, Suz tells us the importance of allowing yourself to feel them regardless.

A common trend among musicians is feeling the need to constantly provide your art or overwork yourself. Because of this, it can sometimes feel selfish to take time for yourself. However, it is very important to make yourself a priority and give time to yourself before giving to others. For those who find it difficult to take breaks, Suz advises setting aside one hour everyday to rest and temporarily get away from work. This “me time” is a form of self care and will help you ease your mind and better your mental health.

Another helpful thing to do is find outlets to relieve stress. This can be anything from meditation, to exercising, to reading a book. Whatever works for you!

The Differences Between Stress and Anxiety

Suz also helps break down the differences between stress and anxiety, and how they function within each other and independently. In the case of musicians, many of them tend to stress out and only make goal-oriented music. Ariel suggests a way to help you feel relief by making music for fun, not just for work. Another way music-making can be more enjoyable is by collaborating remotely with fellow musicians and friends on projects.

True Connection is An Antidote

Finally, Ariel and Suz stress the importance of taking this time to truly connect with your fans. Many artists have been using Instagram Live as a way to keep in touch with their listeners and have even been giving them behind the scenes footage into their creative processes. This is a very effective way to share your creativity with fans in a way that is a bit different than before the pandemic, and it helps them get to know you and your art better.

We are all, as humans, struggling during this pandemic in one way or another. Regardless, it is important to maintain your sense of self once it is all over. And it will be over! With these helpful tips from Ariel and Suz, musicians everywhere can find ways to make this difficult time a bit less stressful and can learn how to channel their feelings in a positive way.

stress during covid19

Redefine the Hustle Virtual Retreat

Suz is hosting event coming up Aug 10-14, 2020. Some of you may be familiar with The Music-Preneur Mindset Summit that she’s hosted the past 3 years, as I’ve spoken and hosted workshops at the last 2. 
It’s been Suz’s mission to help creatives and industry professionals alike undo the framework they stepped into when they entered the music industry and rebuild their careers with a stronger, more sustainable foundation.
Given the circumstances of COVID-19, she’s decided to host a virtual event, but she’s put a spin on it. Rather than an online summit with many speakers and 1-off interviews, she’s hosting a 5-day immersive retreat with direct coaching and a few guest speakers who will address overall health & sustainability. It’s called the Redefine the Hustle Virtual Retreat.
Only 30 tickets are available, and they’ve already started to sell – so if you’re interested don’t wait!

During this retreat Suz and her team will walk you through how to gain this trust as you turn the page away from the year we’ve started and move forward with a sustainable, pandemic-proof career you love that she’s going to help you build during the event!

If you’re tired of the never-ending all-nighters, the sleep shaming, the fraud talk, the burnout… Suz has a different way to show you – a new hustle, a smarter hustle.

Tickets are only on sale through July 24 so there’s time to get everyone their materials for the retreat (YES she’s going to ship you EVERYTHING you need!) so ACT NOW! Payment plans are available and when you see the value of what she’s sending you in your supply box… it’s a no-brainer! Go to for more info, F.A.Qs and then choose your preferred payment option!

If you’re struggling right now to build the career you’ve wanted, if you feel your plans for 2020 have been obliterated and you need a new plan that won’t wither away on a whim, you NEED this retreat! Feel free to email Suz with any questions: [email protected]

Here’s How to Connect with Suz:

Website • Twitter • Facebook• Instagram •YouTube


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