social media house for musicians

Social Media House (SMH) is a free online course designed to improve your overall online presence and your engagement on socials.

SMH is a 9-part masterclass for musicians. Even if you think you are an advanced social platforms user there is something in this class for you!

We will cover things like:

  • Moving your objections out of the way
  • Setting goals
  • Your social media marathon
  • Creating your pitch
  • Resetting & refreshing your socials
  • Creating relatable content

Ariel also talks about how social media relates to making money or, in marketing, speaks to your ROI (return on investment). We will show you that when you have a true community on your socials you will soon find that there is another ROI to look at – this is the RETURN ON CONVERSATION or ROC and this is priceless as it fosters goodwill. Social Media is a toolset not a holy grail!

When used with a plan, your socials are a fantastic place where you can start new conversations and foster long-term relationships.

So….  what are you waiting for?

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