How To Identify Your Ideal Fan

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Every Artist Has Three Communities – they are separate from one another.

The problem is most artists have only one strategy for marketing and promoting to three totally separate groups.

This guide will walk you through what those communities are and how to actively engage them.

In the world of music self promotion, it can be hard to find your audience. Fans are the backbone of independent artists. In order to gain fans, you need the right knowledge and tools behind you to draw them in. What’s even trickier than that is figuring out who your superfans really are and engage them with your message.

This Step-By-Step exercise to music self promotion will help you:

  • Identify who your fans are and how to reach them.
  • 10 strategic, thought provoking questions
  • How to identify your ideal fan archetype
  • Build a content compass specific to your audience

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