Cyber PR LAB 11: Spotify Masterclass

with Ariel Hyatt, Mike Warner, and Andrea Young

This course has been fully updated for 2020 and is available now to binge!

Cyber PR LAB 11 is taught by Ariel Hyatt, Mike Warner, and Andrea Young.

Mike Warner, author of Work Hard Playlist Hard, is an independent artist, curator and the go-to person when it comes to playlist strategies on music streaming services.

Andrea Young is the co-founder of DPG Worldwide, focusing her energies on music curation services, playlists, and working with emerging and established artists through label services.

In this Cyber PR LAB 11, you will get:

Two special guests who are both experts in the world of Spotify Promotion

Learn the different types of playlists (there are 4 distinct types) and understand what is needed to get on each

Master the “fan journey” that starts on Spotify so you can effectively relate to any fan who finds you in a playlist

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What You’ll Learn




  • How to set up the most effective Spotify profile possible
  • Crucial things to understand about how the platform works
  • The three different types of Spotify playlists and how to get on each one



  • How to create your own playlists and grow your following through sharing them
  • Mike teaches you how you can curate your own playlists to promote to fans
  • How to submit directly to Spotify’s editorial team for consideration and how often you may do so





  • Playlisting advice from Andrea Young, Cofounder DPG, who spends her working hours submitting music to playlisters
  • How to stand out amongst the 40,000 tracks going up daily on Spotify
  • Advice on how where to find playlisters to submit your music to for consideration


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