with Ariel Hyatt

This course has been fully updated for 2021 and is available now to binge!

As part of our commitment to helping Sweet Relief and independent artists everywhere, we are offering Ariel’s “CROWDSTART” book as a bonus. Our goal is to gather $5,000 so that we can help 5 independent musicians in need with Sweet Relief’s grant awards. If you purchase the book for the full-price of $14.99, we will donate $9 to the Sweet Relief COVID-19 Fund.

Low on cash right now? We totally understand – and we are offering you a discount code “LABNINE” to get the book for $5.99 and we will still donate half of the proceeds to Sweet Relief.

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The game changer that allowed Ariel to profoundly change the course of her business was raising money — specifically, a crowdfunding campaign which raised over $60,000.

In this masterclass, she culled EVERYTHING she has learned about running a successful crowdfunding campaign and coaching others do the same into her book, CROWDSTART, which hit #1 on three Amazon bestseller lists – Music, Entrepreneurship and Investing.

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In this class, you will get:


25 Action Sheets


1-on-1 Q&A with Ariel


Sample emails to send to your list


Social Media Posting Guide


A day-by-day action plan for your entire campaign


BONUS INCLUDED: Ariel’s best-selling book CROWDSTART


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What You’ll Learn


  • Who are you talking to? How to identify your crowdfunding audience
  • How to reactivate and connect with all potential funders before you launch your campaign
  • Choosing the perfect social channels to get the best engagement


  • Identifying your ideal financial target
  • One time (Kickstarter) or ongoing (Patreon) – how to choose the perfect platform and strategy
  • Creating the key elements of your campaign



  • All the assets you will need for your campaign
  • The entire timeline for your campaign
  • Your step-by-step roadmap with all emails created for you in Action Sheets

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