A powerful and effective way to get your own PR spinning is by creating your very own YouTube or Facebook premiere.

Premieres on music blogs a great way to launch a new single but they are harder and harder to get nowadays and if you are not experienced in garnering your own PR they can be more trouble than they are worth.

One of the newest ways that an independent artist can spin their own PR wheels comes from Facebook and YouTube with their new PREMIERE feature. When Facebook first announced that their premiere feature would become available to all users, YouTube quickly responded by adding their own version of the feature. This is great for you if you have a solid following on either platform because all you need to do is schedule one and

So, what are these YouTube and Facebook premiere features? How can they act as part of the independent artist’s self-promotional toolkit? Simple. The premiere feature gives users almost all of the benefits of going live, without the requirement of being present. In other words, you can pre-record and pre-program them and go about your life! But, we suggest you hang around the social channel of choice as there will be comments to respond to on the day you release.

What do you get out of these premiere features? (A whole lot, and all these benefits are free.)
For both Facebook & YouTube: Fans and subscribers get a notification for your premiere ahead of time, increasing the reach of the content that you choose to premiere.
For both Facebook & YouTube: The ability to interact with fans in real time! This changes the game for reaching your audience and causing a flurry of activity.
For both Facebook & YouTube: Both platforms allow you to tease your audience with shareable watch pages! This can potentially raise the number
On Facebook Users get a three-minute countdown clock before the video goes live, and videos being broadcasted live will get a special “Premiere badge”.

On YouTube Premiering a video allows artists to generate buzz around an upcoming album release BEFORE actually releasing anything.

Above all, setting up a premiere on either platform is EASY, and takes almost no time.

Keep in mind that both of these premieres require a desktop, so don’t try this on your mobile device!

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Here’s How to Set Up a YouTube Premiere:

  1. Click to upload a video from YouTube.
  2. Select Scheduled from the drop-down menu
  3. Upload the video – while it is uploading, select the Premiere button, and enter your desired publishing date and time.
  4. Enter a title, description – the usual stuff!
  5. Once the video has processed, hit premiere!

Make sure all the videos you post are optimized and tagged.

facebook premiere cyber PR

Here’s How to Set Up a Facebook Premiere:

  1. In the “Create post” bar, select Photo/Video on the page for which you are scheduling the premiere
  2. Click Upload Photos/Videos
  3. Select the video that you want to premiere, and click premiere
  4. Enter your desired start time, and….
  5. Click Schedule Premiere! All done!

However, remember that Facebook has some restrictions on content that can be published using the premiere option, which can be found on Facebook  here.
and also keep in mind that you should have a decent following on Facebook before you launch a Facebook Premiere.

Altogether, these new YouTube and Facebook premiere features are excellent ways of boosting audience engagement and allowing your music to reach the ears it is intended for. Please let us know if you are planning one – we’d love to see what you come up with.

Premieres are just one teeny part of the puzzle when it comes to planning your PR.  Come to download our Music Publicity Checksheet to walk yourself through the best practices and tasks for music publicity.

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