This week has been a whirlwind. Monday and Tuesday I spent at the New Music Seminar,
and yesterday was my birthday (I was humbled by the Facebook posts, tweets and phone
messages I received from artists saying thank you to me).

For those of you who know me, I tend to reflect on my birthday.

This year, here is what I’m thinking about…

I’ll be honest, this year was not an easy one. A global recession, the continuing
shape-shifting of the music business and turning 40 made me think long and hard
about my career and the artists I choose to serve.

I asked a lot of people for advice and guidance this year about what to do, quite
a few “strategists” and “consultants” who have been fired from major record labels
and they say this:

“What you really need to do is ‘BREAK’ an unknown artist, or if only you had a HUGE
name on your client roster, you’d be able to parlay that into a whole new level of SUCCESS!!!”.

I guess what they don’t realize is that I am already experiencing an amazing level
of success by serving incredible artists who are mostly not household names (I did that
in a past life, and that’s another misery-filled story for another day).

Here’s what I want to tell you today:

Share yourself with authenticity
Give away as much as you can
Provide people an experience
(as the blog post says: people don’t want your download, they want an experience and that is you)

That is the foundation of a magical career.

With Love and Respect,