With one of the weakest winters in recent memory now over, it is once again time to shine the spotlight on the Top 10 Cyber PR® artists for Spring, 2012. Though this is never an easy decision, especially with the level of talent we are representing on a consistent basis, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Cyber PR® artists that have received the most attention from bloggers, podcasters and internet radio stations. Enjoy and happy spring!

– Ariel and Team Cyber PR®


Lila Rose

Lila’s voice is best described as a triangle formed by the smoky alto of Fiona Apple, the gritty edge of Ani Difranco and the pure tone ofAdele. Lila’s recently released debut album ‘Heart Machine’ showcases a unique brand of cinematic emo-pop that has caught the eye of much of the blogosphere.

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Art Decade

From Boston, MA comes alternative rockers Art Decade. With the release of their stunning new album Western Sunrise, and the evocative video that accompanies it, Art Decade takes its place as one of the leading experimental rock bands in the country. Art Decade has an expressive, distinct style that shines throughout the album and is captured beautifully in the breakthrough video created by animator Whit Alexander which was made using the $5 Procreate app for the iPad 2.

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Colin McGrath

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Colin McGrath has a knack for penning tales of freewheeling characters with a natural tone that is both whimsical and heartbreaking. NPR Music has described him as an “Itinerant folk orchestrator,” who writes “songs that are steeped in storytelling, with characters and images drawn from old Americana.”

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Lexie Roth

Lexie Roth is the daughter of guitarist Arlen Roth and his late wife, Deborah. She has appeared on her father’s album Toolin’ Around Woodstock with Levon Helm on drums, and sings Vaya Con Dios on the upcoming release of the Les Paul Tribute Album alongside of Keith Richards, Slash and many other greats. Lexie has also launched a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for the packaging of her debut album!

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Tom Fuller Band

In just 7 years and 3 albums critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter Tom Fuller has matured into a sophisticated tunesmith with a flair for penning cinematic, anthemic, pop-rock with introspective and spiritually-uplifting lyrics. The Chicago native’s third and latest, ASK, released September 5th in the UK and recently in North America on Redcap Records is his most realized vision.

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Trew Music

James “Trew Music” Crockett is an American Alternative Hip-Hop rapper and song writer. Born in Prince George, VA, Trew grew up listening to an array of musical genres of different eras. As of recent, Trew has written songs for soundtracks for Sony Motion Pictures and toured with rock band “Kid is Qual”, as well as Pop-Rock bands “The Audition” “Valencia” and “Promise of Redemption”.

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London-born, Brooklyn-based, Indian rock songwriter/ guitarist, Pheroze just released his second solo album, Crows Into Swine, on November 1st of 2011. Unlike his previous work with hardcore metal band Scar Culture, this album displays Pheroze conquering new territories, likening himself closer to a combination of classic Soundgarden and Alice in Chains than Slayer.

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Midwest Hype

Midwest Hype combines hip-hop, funk and reggae that sounds like a combination of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sublime. They have performed at several festivals including Head Jamz Music Fest, Summer Camp Music Fest, the Indianapolis 500, Green Music Fest, Chicago Bluegrass and have opened for The Wailers, Umphree’s McGee, Rusted Root, and GIRL TALK.

Midwest Hype released DAYGLOW on Jan 5th with a sold out show at Schuba’s in Chicago and followed up the show with a high attendance show at House of Blues Chicago.

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The Wee Trio

While rooted in jazz The Wee Trio finds ways to break boundaries encompassing their other roots in rock and fusion. Each member is a leader in their own right, but together as The Wee Trio, Westfall, Loomis and Schonig represent one of the highly creative groups pushing jazz and improvised music in exciting and innovative new directions. They now offer their latest creative tour-de-force, Ashes To Ashes – A David Bowie Intraspective.

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Kira Willey

In the kindie music world, Kira Willey breaks through with her unique, two-in-one albums that blend upbeat, danceable music with get-up-and-move yoga inspiration. In October 2011, this innovative singer-songwriter from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, released her second CD, “Kings & Queens of the Forest.”

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