After putting in hours of hard work recording and creating a video for your YouTube channel, you want it to reach as many people as possible and get as many views as possible. So here are 5 ways in 2021 to optimize your video’s YouTube potential for your best YouTube Marketing yet.


1. Find Your Keywords

Your video’s keywords are going to be the building blocks to maximizing its potential. Keywords or phrases are simply short phrases that help summarize and describe your video. These keywords are what YouTube is going to use to categorize you and subsequently make it easier for your audience to find you. 

There are two ways to find good keywords. The first way is by simply searching in the YouTube search bar and getting a dropdown of other suggestions and keywords. The second way is through a free browser extension called TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy allows you to search up keywords and then gives them an overall score based on the search volume and competition. The higher the search volume and lower the competition, the better the overall score is. If the overall score is good then that keyword is a good keyword for your video.


2. Include Your Tags

In the tag section of the video, you are allowed 500 characters and you should use as many as possible while staying relevant and true to the piece of content you’ve put out. 


Tags that you should include would be your pre-decided keywords/ phrases, some general tags such as ‘music’ or ‘songwriting’, and some other tags to help describe what the video is about. TubeBuddy is also great for this because it gives you some good tag suggestions to use automatically. TubeBuddy also allows you to see the tags that other creators use on their videos as well as an SEO optimization score based on these elements. If you’re stuck on what tags to add, stalk someone else’s page who you think is doing well and see what tags they’re using.

3. Increase Your Click Through Rate

Increasing your click through rate (or CTR) is a great way to show YouTube that people are interested in your content, and will make the algorithm want to push your videos out more. The click through rate is the percentage of people who see your video on their feed or recommended, who click and watch your video. Some easy ways to maximize your click through rate is by creating an attractive thumbnail, having a relevant video title that uses keywords, and optimizing your video description (you can read more about that here).


4. Increase Your Audience Engagement Rate

Audience engagement rate is the amount of people who view your video compared to the amount of people who watched your video and interacted. Interactions can include: liking, subscribing, commenting, etc. Some easy ways to encourage or remind the audience to interact are:

  1. Adding a CTA (call to action) at the end of the video either through the final screen or by asking out loud
  2. Watching your own video in its entirety after its release, as well as liking it and commenting to encourage others to do the same
    1.  Pro Tip: In the comments ask a multiple choice question for heightened audience engagement and pin the comment to the top of the comments section!


5. Embed and Promote Your Videos

Embedding your YouTube videos within other places such as your website or blog as well as promoting your videos online either through social media or some other means of promotion such as email lists, can help to increase views and engagement.

Bonus Tip: Upload Good Quality Content Consistently

It’s good to maintain a schedule of sorts with uploading videos on YouTube because the algorithm tends to favor those more who are consistent with their videos and post on a regular basis. Long story short, its better to upload a video once a week than four times one week and three weeks of nothing.


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