CYBER PR FOR MUSICIANS  Tools, Tricks & Tactics For Building Your Social Media House  2nd edition 

This is the book that my Rockethub campaign helped raise the funds for, and because of the amazing support, it’s my most comprehensive book ever! 

It covers the 6 Rooms of your Social Media House:


And gives you my best advice on how to maximize them all quickly and efficiently.  

“This book changed my thinking and the way I market my music in this modern day and age. Cyber PR for Musicians is not just great for musicians but for anyone who is trying to get a handle and master social media. The very end of the book also gives a written out game plan for musicians to follow and market their music effectively on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Blogging, and Pinterest. The information you get from this book is equivalent and probably more than you would get from a paid publicist.”

– Michael Oteka


“I loved this! Such a helpful guide! I especially found all of the Pinterest tips really handy. I had no idea why I should be involved with Pinterest as a musician, and am now completely convinced.”

– Kristen Graves, Musician