Common Mama - 311 Club Showcase at SXSW

Common Mama – 311 Club Showcase at SXSW

Our first day at SXSW yesterday was intense and amazing.

We jumped around from showcase to showcase, seeing some truly amazing sets throughout the day including Cyber PR’s very own Common Mama who played one of their 6 sets yesterday at the 311 Club.

Before we connected with Ferdinando, Jon and the whole Common Mama team, we spent some time at the Pretty Much Amazing sponsored showcase. And who did we run into there?

Cari ColeThe amazing Cari Cole!

So we took this opportunity to include Cari in our series:

Cari Cole is a Celebrity Vocal Coach + New Music Biz Mentor. Her company Cari Cole Voice + Music has been in the music industry for the past 25+ years in New York City. Her programs + free advice serve indie artists worldwide.

BONUS: Visit for some free gifts! (Vocal Road Warrior 3-part series: Keep Your Voice Healthy on Tour and more!)

Cari’s Advice:

Dress to Impress But Lead With Your Friendly Personality and Not Your Ego!

Your visual is the first impression people get. While dressing casual at a conference can be cool, be sure it’s rock n’ roll casual (don’t wear sneakers and clothes that don’t depict you are a musician.) YOU are your brand. Flaunt your style and have fun with it! Secondly, people remember people that are interested in them, so lead with your friendly personality and not your ego.

REMINDER: Jon will be speaking on the ‘Kickstarter 101‘ Panel TODAY at 3:30pm with Martin Atkins and Jenny Owen Youngs!

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