Welcome back to Musician’s Arsenal! In this edition, I’m very excited to be presenting Onesheet to you. Onesheet is a very easy and effective web presence solution for musician’s struggling to create an attractive website. For those of us who can’t build a nice WordPress site to save our lives, Onesheet is here to save the day (while I don’t want to give the impression that creating a Onesheet excludes you from needing a website, this is a fantastic option that can take care of your web presence needs while you build a website the right way).

Creating a Onesheet is incredibly fast and almost too simple. First, you’ll need to enter your email address and create a password. Next, you have the option of verifying your Onesheet through Facebook or Twitter, or by choosing a desired Onesheet URL. Once you complete one of these two options, you choose the social media platforms you want to populate your Onesheet.

Onesheet can pull information from just about anywhere you have set up a social media profile online. Obviously, it can pull from the big sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but Onesheet is much more expansive than that, click here to see the full list, it’s impressive, and it’s growing.

What makes this so powerful is that Onesheet is a one-stop destination for fans. On Onesheet, fans can view photos, see show dates and times, sign up for your mailing list, listen to songs, watch videos, read blog posts, see Facebook wall feed, read your tweet stream…and more!

I could go on, but I won’t, you get the idea. Your whole web presence consolidated in to one sleek looking page. The background of the page is a user-uploaded photo. The media player can be moved anywhere on the page and has several customizable options, including the very handy opacity feature. The font of the band name can be changed to be consistent with your branding. The customization isn’t overly robust, but it’s sufficient. Anything more and Onesheet would lose it’s ease of use, so I believe they’ve found the perfect balance.

The best part about Onesheet is, once you set it up, you don’t need to update it. Because it’s being fed by your other social media sites, and updating them keeps Onesheet up to date.

The only thing I wanted to see on Onesheet that isn’t there now is a way to incentivize fans who want to sign up for your mailing list. Here at Ariel Publicity, we advocate trading songs for email addresses, which most email capture widgets allow you to do. At the moment, when Onesheet imports your email capture system, (from Reverbnation, Fanbridge and many more) it does not import the capability to deliver a free MP3. But fear not, founder and creator, Brenden Mulligan is well aware of this and has informed me this is on his radar for a future addition.

There’s even more to be had from Onesheet than what I’ve just outlined here. Instead reading my endless ramblings, you should really just give it a go. It’s completely self-explanatory and you’ll have your very own Onesheet set up in 5 minutes or less. So get it set up and post a link here in the comments so we can all see!

Also let me know: What do you think of Onesheet?
Is really as easy as I make it out to be?
Is Onesheet the type of platform that can really knock out MySpace once and for all?

Jason Loomis is the director of New Media Relations at Ariel Publicity
Follow him on Twitter at @Jloom718

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