Musicians often smirk or actually laugh out loud when they hear the title of my best-selling book Music Success in 9 Weeks.

I know it Takes Longer Than 9 Weeks 🙂

They say things like: “YEAH, it took me 16 YEARS to get here – what will 9 weeks do?” (I’ve heard variations of this many times!) So, here’s How Music Success in 9 Weeks Got it’s Name…..

Derek Sivers Fault

Music Success In Nine Weeks

It’s a simple answer really: Derek Sivers did it.  

I am classically AWFUL at naming things: I’m jealous of people who come up with brilliant names for things like DigSin, ReverbNation, Girlie Action, and Fluence! How fun are those names?

Not me: I choose the obvious: Case and point: CYBER PR (DUH – Easy).

So when it came time to choose a name for the first book I called my best friend in the music business and a man who has incredible experience and asked:

What should I name my book: “Keep it simple and easy,” he said “how many steps are in the book?” 9 I answered….. and Voila!

My little book that came out in its first edition in 2008 is now in her 3rd edition

I’m proud that it has helped thousands of musicians. She’s been to the #1 position on Amazon and served as a textbook at many music industry schools across the USA and Canada.

Music Success in 9 Weeks Artists’ Reviews

“Not only is the material excellent, but it is also presented in a practical, workbook-like way, and it is divided into chapters that are actually possible to tackle instead of overwhelming. Add to that Ariel’s positive input and thoughts that infuse this entire book, and every independent musician… should get this book and then make a  commitment to work it through the next 9 weeks.”
– Jeanine Guidry – Singer/band leader of Offering

“Ariel’s 9-week plan will truly bring you to a new level of success with your music. It  is laid out in an easy to follow format that takes you week by week through the steps.  After completing the plan, my band has seen a noticeable and measurable increase in  the attendance at our shows, our music is reaching a larger audience, and promoters  and club owners are showing greater interest.”
– M Bassick, “Bass Guy”


“We’ve all spent time asking “What can I do to promote my band?” This book not only gave me a plethora of resources and instruction, it lit a fire under my a** and got me out there promoting like a mad man. If you’re looking for a healthy heaping of advice, instruction, and motivation, this is the book for you. BUY IT.”
– Dave Carter, The Station Music

Come order it! I’d love for it to help you get your online presence in order! 

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